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Predator 2010 (Rochelle)

Author: CriticStay Puft (71)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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Initial release.

03/12/2012 Version: 1.0 (complete) Size: 49.59MB File: predator2(rochelle).vpk Downloads: 4,003 Views: 8,274

Newer model of the Predator for Rochelle. Masked version.

Predator Unmasked (Rochelle)

Predator 2010 unmasked replaces Rochelle. You're one ugly mother...

CI replaced with Xenomorphs (Multi-player Edition)

MULTI-PLAYER EDITIONReplaces the common infected with Xenomorphs.

Predator (Rochelle)

*Update: Fixed multi-player animations.This replaces Rochelle with the Predator. Get to da choppa!

Predator 2010 (Coach)

A newer model of the Predator for Coach. This version has the predator wearing the mask.

Predator 2010 (Ellis)

This is a newer model of the Predator for Ellis. Masked version.

Predator 2010 (Nick)

Newer model of the Predator for Nick. Masked version.

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Mr.Fancypants Mr.Fancypants Posted 1 year ago

Lol Sweet

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Predator 2010 (Rochelle)
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