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AC/DC Zoey l4d1

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http://www.mediafire.com/?chko2tc3tzvm501 use link to dl pak01.dir for this mod

To install this mod in L4D, you need a special text editor such as Notepad++ . Place the .vpk file in [Your L4D Folder]\left4dead\addons\.

You need to then edit the names in pak01_dir.vpk in [Your L4D Folder]\left4dead\.
Make a copy of pak01_dir.vpk first, leave the copy there incase you want to uninstall.
Open the actual pak01_dir.vpk in Notepad++.
Press CTRL+F.
Click the Replace tab, and replace ALL instances of each of the following (without the quotes):

"survivor_teenangst" -> "survivor_teenangsd"
"v_arm_teengirl" -> "v_arm_teengird"
"v_teenangst" -> "v_teenangsd"

for the head textures

"zoey_hair" to "boey_hair"
"zoey_head" to "boey_head"
"zoey_head_normal" to "boey_head_normal"
"zoey_head_compress" to "boey_head_compress"

Every time L4D is updated and pak01_dir.vpk is changed, you need to make this change to the new pak01_dir.vpk to make the mod work again.

To uninstall, revert these changes, OR delete pak01_dir.vpk and rename your old copy of pak01_dir.vpk (...Unless it is an obsolete version from an L4D update. If this happens, verify game cache. Verifying game cache will overwrite all normal game files with their stock versions, so be careful with sound mods).

Special thanks: pappaskurtz - Zeq Macaw's right hand fix, face flex implementation info.
04/04/2012 Version: 1 (complete) Size: 23.91MB File: acdc zoey_l4d1.vpk Downloads: 248 Views: 3,888

this is arby's teenangst zoey custom models with Miztaegg's custom AC/DC zoey re-skin for left 4 dead

reed the changelog for installing this mod or use the link to dl my pak01.dir on the changelog

Tagged: Survivor, Zoey

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Homer Voador Homer Voador Posted 2 years ago

Uhm can i request another port ? the "Zoey - Jill Valentine inspired " ? Believe me , if i could do it myself i would port them lol

Stovokor Stovokor Posted 2 years ago

Sorry to say so, but to me all your versions of Zoey look pretty much the same and you made sooo much of them. I am thankfull for new mods, but wouldn´t it be cool to change the model some times too, instead of only changing the shirt? I know you are expressing your taste of music, but I still I would like a new model...

this is not my work i just port em from l4d2 to l4d1 the mods r the work of miztaegg's and arby26 i just port em for l4d1 player's so thay can have em to .

2 years ago

I am just a petty skinner I can't do modeling, I reuploaded all the shit because some folks do want them anyway, and I didn't mean to express my so-called taste of music here, even some of them I barely listen to.

2 years ago
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AC/DC Zoey l4d1
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