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Boondocks Soundpack Complete

Author: ==Maverick== (6)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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-Added Smoker as A Pimp Named Slickback.
-Added Bacteria music to all affected infected.


Added Male Boomer as Uncle Ruckus **Female Boomer is still default for future use**


Added Tank music and Concert Music

Concert music changed to Eff Grandad - Thugnificent feat Flownominal and Macktastic
Normal Tank music changed to Boondocks Theme
Finale Tank music changed to Thugnificent - Stomp 'Em in the Nuts


Just changed the crawl stats at the end from the infected name to their boondocks counterpart.


Added Stinkmeaner (Hunter)


- Replaced sounds for Jockey
- Replaced sounds for Charger

05/14/2013 Version: 4.0 (complete) Size: 122.57MB File: boondocks.vpk Downloads: 1,140 Views: 10,078

Jockey/Booty Warrior
Charger/Health Inspector
Boomer/Uncle Ruckus
Smoker/A Pimp Named Slickback

Stinkmeaner is the Hunter, however because of the way the hunter vocalizes alot of the vocals will overlap, either making it extremely hilarious or slightly annoying. If you give me a rating, please note that theres nothing I can do about overlapping sounds.

Mod is in heavy development so keep an eye for updates with new sounds, Ill also take suggestions!

19 Comments and 1 Reviews
Muddy Muddy Posted 7 months ago

All I want is a stink tank

Berserk_Shadow Berserk_Shadow Posted 9 months ago

Make the Tank, Ed III, "The F--- Y'all Lookin' At!"

TheScout123 TheScout123 Posted 1 year ago

Hunter is my fav

xavianjohnson xavianjohnson Posted 1 year ago

Major Con: The tank music and the dark carnival finally concert music has been permanently changed and can't be over written by another mod. I prefer not have the boondocks rap theme as my tank music. Everything else is great.

Blazewolf Blazewolf Posted 1 year ago

Loved all of them!
but i think you should do stinkmeaner for the common infected, since in one of the eps they parodied 28 weeks later with a horde of clones of him, would fit better imo

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Boondocks Soundpack Complete Mr. Barbell Mr. Barbell Posted 2 years ago

- Absolutely histerical
- Whole new level of fear when you hear the Booty Warrior in the distance




I helped Maverick playtest this and it was some of the funniest stuff I've seen in L4D2. Definitely a great download if you enjoy having a lighter side to your Left 4 Dead experience.

Boondocks Soundpack Complete
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