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Glock 18

Author: CriticDoktor haus (89)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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- Tweaked shoot sequence. Less snappy.
- Changed sounds. They're much more awesome now.

- Fixed animation blends!
- Added L4D1 arms to all scripts.
- Replaced old LAM with Tigg's
- Replaced selector switch. Previous one was hacked on, which resulted in a black circle on the slide.
- Changed to black skin (by popular demand)
- Updated HUD icon to match changes.

Released. There are some blending issues with idle_delta that we haven't figured out yet.
03/20/2013 Version: 1.2 (complete) Size: 8.06MB File: weap_smg_glock_18.vpk Downloads: 9,475 Views: 41,016

Fully automatic Glock 18 for the SMG slot, featuring an all new set of animations by the talented HyperMetal. Includes sounds. BIG thanks to arby26 for helping with the online bugs. I couldn't have finished this without him.

Twinke Masta - model, UV map, textures
FxDarkLoki - normals, ref maps, phong
DMG - recolor
Will - LAM model
Wannabe - LAM texures
HyperMetal - animations
Doktor haus - hacking, compiling, QC particle code
K1CHWA - normal maps, shaders
Zira - particle effects

Tagged: Weapon, Glock, SMG

Glock 18 script

This script was written for our Glock 18, but should work with any SMG.To more closely match the Glo...

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Misaka_sn_19009 Misaka_sn_19009 Posted 6 months ago

Very nice!
Can you make a edition with G18 on MP5 slot?
(Is that very hard?)
(In some server the MP5 is available。The default MP5 look like……so I am looking for something for replacement。I find a mod with G36C replace MP5 , but you know , G36C is a carbine , not a SMG.)

The6thMessenger The6thMessenger Posted 1 year ago

That's a really cool mod, i wonder if you could make a dual-wield version for pistol?

Anyways mind sharing that Muzzleflash pack?

cejota14 cejota14 Posted 1 year ago

why no one makes glocks as pistols! we need a glock as a pistol, not smg

1.Because there are still mods for glock as pistol
2.Glock18 or G18 is fully automatic and fits perfectly for the SMG replacement

1 year ago
palafoxkim palafoxkim Posted 1 year ago

i downloaded this and get the skin but the sound is still the normal one. what to do?

You have to download the sounds in a .rar in the changelog/ link ( as mentioned above).

1 year ago
spongedue spongedue Posted 1 year ago

you should make a silenced one too

OK, check if there is a suppressed one in this site (the answer is yes) before asking this kind of questions

1 year ago
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Glock 18 miztaegg Criticmiztaegg Posted 1 year ago

- Trigger Happy!
- Orgasm animations.
- CSS custom weapon, they have always been great.
- A fresh toy to replace the UZI.


- The fire select should be pointed down (two dots sign) for fully automatic, I don't own any gun I could be wrong though.


It's always great to see modders porting the CSS weapons to this game, especially Doc who is very active doing that, you guys keep the game fresh, hats off to you!

Glock 18
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