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Back to school

Author: Critic100_o/o_f@ke, romasm (3)Game: L4D2Add-On: CampaignMaps: 6/6
member9.4 critic9.2 Co-op map for co-op play Versus map for versus play
Chapter 1: Forest
6/6 Maps Available
  • - Forest
  • - Railroad station
  • - Town
  • - Cinema
  • - Church
  • - School Finale
Campaign Status: 95% Complete
Useful links:
NEW TRAILER! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z37koM9hD-g
"Back to School" campaign Site - http://bts-l4d.com
"Back to School" campaign Steam group - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/backtoschool
"Back to School" campaign ModDB Page - http://www.moddb.com/mods/back-to-school
"Back to School" campaign YouTube Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/Fake100BTS

// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// 01/19/13 - Changes in v1.06:
// --------------------------------------------------------------------

- Added compatibility with Workshop version of campaign.
- Bear model (replaces gnome model) is currently broken, we're working on that.

// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// 11/02/12 - Сhanges in v1.05:
// --------------------------------------------------------------------

- “Non-stop hordes” issue fixed. Difficulty now is more or less the same as in official Valve campaigns.
- All weapon mods were removed from vpk (They conflict with other weapon modes).
- Few crashes were fixed (But not all).
- A conflict was detected with "Better Blood and wound textures" add-on (improved blood textures.vpk). Conflict causes game crash. We’ll try to eliminate the cause of conflict, but until then we recommend you to disable this add-on.
- Bots behavior in the finale was fixed (They chose the wrong rescue vehicle sometimes).
- Extra way pointer was added in chapter four in case of jet bombing event.
- Smoke on heli landing spot is removed in case of bus finale.
- Adrenaline was removed from the boat on the first map (It attracted survivors and they jumped down into the deadly water. We’ll delete deadly water in future updates).
- Pistols amount was reduced in chapters two, three and four.

// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// Opening remarks
// --------------------------------------------------------------------

Campaign is still in development, so please be forgiving. Probably there are some issues and bugs in this version, but do not despair, all of them will be fixed in the future. You can help fix bugs faster, if you contact us and describe them in details!

Also you can suggest any of your ideas and improvement for campaign! We’ll implement the most useful and interesting ideas!

Campaign is available in two modes: coop and versus. Unfortunately “Marauder” mode is unavailable for now, because of the problems we have with it. This mode will be available in future releases.

// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// Installation:
// --------------------------------------------------------------------

Before you install, please make sure you have the Steam Client installed along with Left 4 Dead 2. Also make sure the game has been launched at least once through Steam.

Then, all you need to do is to copy the campaign (vpk file) here: ...\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\addons\

// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// Turn Game Instructor ON Please!!!
// --------------------------------------------------------------------

For easy navigation and useful advices during the events we recommend turning on Game Instructor feature during the first few playthroughs. To do that, go to Menu>Options>Multiplayer>Game Instructor and turn it on. Now Game Instructor is on (but you can turn it off anytime at the options).

// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// Known issues and bugs:
// --------------------------------------------------------------------

- Minor problem with bots’ navigation.
- Performance issues in some locations.
- Long loading time of campaign chapters (due to large and detail environments)

// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// Knowing conflicts with other custom campaigns:
// --------------------------------------------------------------------

- Conflict with "Better Blood and wound textures" add-on (improved blood textures.vpk). Conflict causes game crash. We’ll try to eliminate the cause of conflict in future.
- Conflict with “Silent Hill L4D2” and “Vienna Calling 2”. Both of them contain file “soundscapes_manifest.txt” in vpk archive. This file causes wrong ambient sounds errors in many campaigns, including Back To School.
- Conflict with “Warcelona” campaign. The teddy bear may use wrong collision model.

We recommend you to turn off campaigns that cause conflicts (Menu>Extra>Add-ons).

// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// In case of game crash:
// --------------------------------------------------------------------

Very rarely, during playing Back To School campaign, Left 4 Dead 2 could crash (usually because of memory problems). This can occur for the following reasons:
1) “Paged Pool Memory Available” in video options set on “High” while your graphic card has not enough memory. Set this option on “Low”.
2) “Multicore Rendering” is turn on. This can cause crashes on the old systems. Turn this option off.
3) A conflict was detected with "Better Blood and wound textures" add-on (improved blood textures.vpk). Conflict causes game crash. We’ll try to eliminate the cause of conflict, but until then we recommend you to disable this add-on.
4) Some other custom campaigns or add-ons may conflict with Back To School. Turn them off. Like conflict with "Better Blood and wound textures" add-on (improved blood textures.vpk). This conflict causes game crash.
5) Large amount of installed addons can also cause crashes. Turn them off.

// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// Back To School team:
// --------------------------------------------------------------------

Level design:
Kirill “100_o/o_f@ke” Tarasov and Roman “romasm” Smirnov
also some of environment models, textures and sounds

Environment models:
Timofey “IceDev0x“ Popandopulo, Konstantin “KYB” Bugakov, Ivan “GoLDeN” Pozolotin, Roman “Rombikon”, Pavel “Tartuga” Sitnikov, Georg Destroy

Campaign poster, environment textures:
Pavel “Tartuga” Sitnikov

Environment sounds:
Dmitry “SoJa”

Voice actor:
Joseph P. Bracken

End theme and jukebox music:
Evgeny "Cj Unfly" Galaktionov

Original ideas:
Roman “Romiros“ Kosik

Anton “Air” Nikiteev, Pavel “Tartuga” Sitnikov, Dmitry “SoJa”

“Romiros“, “Tartuga”, “KYB”, “SoJa”, “Air”, “pAvi”, “LapinioZX”, “Jek”, “Hater”, “Sourrain”, “Koff33”, “Pumi”, “Feanaro”, “Wish Upon a Moon”

// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// Terms of using this campaign’s content:
// --------------------------------------------------------------------

You can use any content of this campaign, except original content of Left 4 Dead 2 and third-party content below.
Only condition: specify that this content originally was a part of the Back To School campaign. For more info contact us via website (bts-l4d.com), our Steamgroup (steamcommunity.com/groups/backtoschool) or email ( 100_olo_fake@mail.ru, romasm1@yandex.ru).

// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// Third-party content:
// --------------------------------------------------------------------

This campaign also contains the following content:
- Pistol model and new weapons animations, created by arby26 (http://www.l4dmaps.com/profile.php?id=205380&user=arby26).
- Flowing water animated texture from “Water Source Pack”, created by TopHATTwaffle (http://www.tophattwaffle.com/downloads/).
- Military vehicles models, created by illkid.
- Microscope model, created by ProgSys (http://www.gaming-models.de/index.php/product/371).
- Firewood model, created by Campeon(http://www.gaming-models.de/index.php/product/84).
01/19/2013 Version: 1.06 (complete) Size: 574.03MB File: bts_l4d2.vpk Downloads: 1,705,696 Views: 828,826

The storyline offer completly new setting of Borden city, struggling to survive in an epidemic apocalypse alongside with original 4 heroes. They are getting a chance to save themselves, since USA marines are coming back in town and not falling back this time.

This version now should be compatible with Workshop version.

- Read Changelog! All links are there!
- Turn Game Instructor ON! (Menu>Options>Multiplayer>Game Instructor)
- If it doesn't help and game still crashes, then write us (romasm or fake100) a private message!

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491 Comments and 101 Reviews
MaddaCheeb101 CriticMaddaCheeb101 Posted 1 day ago

I tried replaying this, but the campaign tends to crash on level transitions and during the maps.

DarkSlayer999 DarkSlayer999 Posted 4 days ago

The campaign crashes sometimes when I enter the saferoom and the next level loads. :(

REV6Pilot REV6Pilot Posted 3 weeks ago

Game closes all of a sudden when the campaign finishes loading. I'll try re-downloading, but if it doesn't work, bye-bye addon!

Didn't work. Off to the trash with you; I'm not even gonna try again.

3 weeks ago
poopeypants117 poopeypants117 Posted 1 month ago

how u get the weapon animations?


4 weeks ago
Xplosiv999 Xplosiv999 Posted 1 month ago

Needs more tanks and witches, I didn't encounter a single tank or witch until the end of the fifth chapter.

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Recent reviews for Back to school.
Back to school SomeKindOfUserName SomeKindOfUserName Posted 1 month ago

-- Detailed, complex levels that toe the line between hyper-linearity and confusing sandboxes quite well. I really appreciate the prominence of non-randomized alternate paths.

-- A ton of variety in the way of random events; I've had at least one even play out differently every time I've played the campaign, and none of them have been overly confusing.

-- Just enough environmental variety to avoid being boring, but not so much that the campaign feels like a hastily cobbled-together series of random maps.

-- Incredible, incredible visual detail. I seriously don't know how some areas don't cause out-of-RAM crashes.

-- Great balance between L4D2's "hyper-violent Mario Kart" and zombie-movie-tribute sides. There are spots that actually feel like they belong in a NEW classic zombie movie, and there are spots where the franchise's goofy mechanics really shine.

-- Maps are pretty well-optimized for their size and level of detail.

-- Superb lighting from both a visual and gameplay perspective: you can "follow the light" and always know where to go, but it never feels like lighting/fog was carelessly slapped into a scene as a condescension to people who might get lost.

-- Loads and loads of custom content, nearly (nearly) all of which blends seamlessly into the game.

-- Clever usage of some cut beta content as well. :3



-- Could be pretty annoying if you don't like hard campaigns.

-- Might be pretty boring if you enjoy moving fast and never stopping.

-- Could get tedious if you think Dead Center is too long.

-- Conflicts with custom blood addons.

-- Some areas are less well-done than others.

-- That truck driver. Hehe.


I am almost certainly swayed by nostalgia in writing this review-- BTS was my first custom campaign, and the impression it left on me was strong enough that I can still remember details of my first playthrough to this day -- but I've revisited this campaign several times since then, and although I haven't gotten chills like I did the first time I walked into the School again, I've enjoyed it as much if not more each time. One of the few L4D2 campaigns where I really think the total is more than the sum of its parts, and one of the few pieces of custom content to actually raise my opinion of the game it was made for.

Oh, and it's a blast, if you don't care for the kind of pretentious blathering I'm so good at.

Back to school
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