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Crash Bandicoot Course

Author: CriticFlyingBandicoot (2)Game: L4DAdd-On: CampaignMaps: 4/4
member9.2 critic9.3 Co-op map for co-op play Versus map for versus play
4/4 Maps Available
  • - N. Sanity Beach
  • - Technical Plant Doctors
  • - Global Warming
  • - Tikimon Twinsanity
Campaign Status: 100% Complete

No revision notes have been added by the developer.


New versus mode, let me know if there are any bugs or anything to change.



Map 2:-

-Added info about the 2 ? blocks.
-Added clips to prevent going outside of river area.
-Added more health on the robots.
-Added more health on the lasers.
-Made a little change to the end area of the river.

Map 4:-

-Moved the eye lasers so they affect the players on the minguns.
-Tried to make the 2nd skybox work with the water at the docks - hopefully this works well.
-Made N Gin easier to destroy.

A few other minor fixes here and there.


No revision notes have been added by the developer.


Added now a fourth map and I do not believe I will be adding anything more to the campaign. I do have a little survival map in mind with the crash bandicoot theme, and I may add this into the campaign if I feel it can count as a map.

I will however try to fix any problems people have so please tell me.

Changes to map 1:

-Some minor optimization, edited some spawns.

Changes to map 2 (Technical Plant Doctors) - THE NEW MAP:

-Added an area with elements of "Future Frenzy", and also the robots from the similar future level of Crash Bandicoot 3.
[]-It has 3 robots that you have to destroy to get along and be able to activate the teleporter at the end of the route.
[]-Each robot fires lasers and can take damage off the survivors.
[]-There are lasers to watch out for, smokers that can make you fall, and alarms that ring loud to attract the zombies.
[]-All lasers are breakable.

-Added an area based on the trailer for Crash of the Titans with a quick mini scene that plays when you all warp into that area.
[]-Enabled use of the laser to shoot things - damages anything in its range.
[]-Fight the horde there and encounter the specials that Cortex has created with the laser.

-Added an area based on the Crash Bandicoot 2 level, "Hang Eight".
[]-There is a functional boat that is optional to travel on.
[]-Mines to look out for that explode upon touch and damage.
[]-Plant monsters that spin around and can damage the survivors.
[]-A bonus feature where you must find 2 stone slabs and destroy them and then go to the bonus platform to be warped into a bonus room. This bonus room is full of items to stock up on, but there is a 20 second time limit and you will be warped back when this countdown is up.
[]-The end of the level features the churchguy from Death Toll but with different elements and an interesting outcome.

Changes to map 3 (Global Warming):

-Made it so zombies don't die in holes. Added ladders so they can climb out again.
-Changed the difficulty a bit in the Ripper Roo area - a bit harder now.
-Added some fixes to stop survivors being able to teleport to places they shouldn't.
-Changed a few minor spawns and fixed some nav issues.

Changes to map 4 (Tikimon Twinsanity):

-Added an eye laser to Tikimon.
-Fixed some nav issues.
-Made Tikimon weaker, so easier to defeat.

Look out for bonuses and easter eggs throughout and enjoy :)


Ok, new map, so now there's 3 maps. There might be a few bugs still, but hopefully I got them all fixed.


Map 1 fixes

-Fixed wumpa fruit, so a person has to actually touch the to "collect" them rather than shoot them to destroy them.
-Changed a few very minor things such as spawns etc.

Tikimon map fixes:

-Fixed the spawning into blackness once the players died while facing Tikimon then respawned into blackness.
-Added the diagram to beat Tikimon.
-Made some sounds louder.
-Added an extra arrow with a light on it to tell the way to the escape vehicle.
-Raised the platform supported by the single pillar - it is now almost level with the cliff so you can jump between the two without hanging.
-Fixed wumpa fruit, you must touch to collect - cannot be destroyed by weapons.
-Edited the nav_mesh, now the survivors will go straight to the escape vehicle without remaining behind due to glitches
-Fixed a few minor bugs here and there.
-Added some fireflies and small things to add some atmosphere.

Ok, I have fixed many of the issues raised - so things should be a lot clearer now.

Map 1:

-Less fire, replaced some with Wumpa Fruit.
-Added floating arrows to point to buttons.
-Got rid of some specials.
-Added a little something on the left route.

Map 2:
-This is a BETA and thus still in production - and it is being worked on and will involve elements of Crash Bandicoot 2, and will include a mini boss battle in between - not as hard as Tikimon.

Map 3:
-Reduced Tikimon's life by nearly half - so it should be easier to manage.
-Made N.Gin shootable so you can effectively stop his laser attacks.
-Added a diagram of how to stop Tikimon - its a nice big one on two of the walls.
-Tried to fix the spawning in blackness - still not sure why this is the case - the safe rooms do match.
-Added some player clips so you can't go over the wall.
-Changed the phone in Cortex's hand to a Ham Radio which is next to him and it has an arrow floating over it - so now it should be obvious what to press to start it.
-The boat glitch - I have no idea how this happened - it has always worked for me. It might have something to do with the spawning glitch - but hopefully that has solved both issues.
-The escape route is staying that way as it is difficult but doable - and at times it can be easy or hard - so I will leave it now. Also, the map is based on the actual area of the original game. The locations of things are in the same places near enough. It's not perfect - but I did my best - so the size of it is staying.

Anyways, hope these changes help make the maps better. Let me know if bugs still persist. Please remember I'm just new girl to mapping, so be nice.

Map 1:

-Mixed the items up a little bit for some variety.
-Fixed a zombie spawn where zombies would get stuck.
-Fixed nav issues around the edge of the map.
-Made the start area bigger - so less zombies at beginning.
-Changed up a few spawns.
-Put a delay in the music - so it should play for everyone at the beginning.
-Edited the safe room a little.
-Changed a couple of textures.
-Edited the fog.

Map 3:
-New map based on the area around the Totem God, "Tikimon" from Crash Twinsanity.
-New boss battle featured - you MUST defeat the boss in order for the barricade to break and you to get access to the escape route and the escape boat!


-Destroy head to stop the smokers!
-More human players make things easier!

-Added easter eggs for those who like finding mini surprises.
-Added a character who will appear during battle to make things worse.
-Many new things on this map are featured which didn't appear on the first, such as TNT boxes and wumpa fruit (Wumpa fruit give 5 health each, so be sure to collect them as you run!)!
-The minigun is for taking on Tikimon and appears randomly in 4 places for new strategy each play.

Other changes include:

-Changed the thumbnails when selecting map - they are screenshots of in game like normal maps.
-The ending picture during the credits works too.


New update Beta 1.1 with many of the fixes people pointed out. 2nd map is coming along nicely and will be in the update after this one.

Changes/fixes in this update:

-Changed items - not so many health items and they change per game.
-Added more zombies to increase difficulty.
-Added some walls and altered some areas for zombies to move easier.
-Made the start area work better - zombies still spawn, but the area where the crates and the people spawn is classed as a saferoom - so the bots will pick items up.
-Hopefully fixed the music issue - but let me know if this problem persists - (basically if there are 2 people playing the map, the second player won't hear it at the start).
-Changed the holes a bit.
-Altered some triggers and clips.
-Added some more ambience.
-And made some other changes to textures and stuff - will be more in future I expect.

Let me know if there are any issues.


First map done mostly. There are some nav issues and some problems with a few other things, but the level is playable. I will sort out what I know needs sorting now and will watch out for comments to let me know if there are any changes to be made.

07/24/2011 Version: 4.2 (complete) Size: 171.46MB File: l4d_crashbandicootcourse.vpk Downloads: 111,910 Views: 232,523

- A campaign based on a few levels from the Crash Bandicoot series - look out for easter eggs!
- Don't download if you don't like bosses and themed maps naturally.
- 4 map campaign. Now with versus mode! L4D2 version done too!

312 Comments and 32 Reviews
masoko masoko Posted 3 months ago

Love it!

ronnierocks888 ronnierocks888 Posted 9 months ago

I like it 7.0

Guilokou Guilokou Posted 1 year ago


CrazyKiller88 CrazyKiller88 Posted 1 year ago

it crashes when i try to load it. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

xoxa99 xoxa99 Posted 1 year ago

l4d_CrashBandicootCourse4 missing stringtable dictionary, don't ship this way!!!


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Crash Bandicoot Course AyCorkscrew AyCorkscrew Posted 1 year ago

-Creative and fun
-Cool similarities to the original game. I love the breakable boxes and the warps.
-All of the custom content was awesome, including the music.
-The AI were surprisingly good with all of the obstacles
-Looks like you put a lot of work into the detail


The only con I have is the huge amount of hoards. I could barely concentrate on the small jumpy boss because I was swarmed every second. Just remove some of the hoards and I'd be able to enjoy the campaign more.


Awesome campaign, just fix the hoards. :]

Crash Bandicoot Course
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