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Pub Crawl

Author: Jarhchief (3)Game: L4D2Add-On: Map
Awaiting3 votes Survival map for survival mode Scavenge map for scavenge play
1 Maps Available
Map Status: 100% Complete
Thanks to Craig, Cookiez, Sharpy, jamie, peter, greg, Blueninja and Hosters for testing and playing this map with me. And espically to Niborius, who helped fix many bugs, and problems on the map :D

Update notes:

V.0.8 changes: (Alpha)

-More infected hiding places.
-More infected ladders.
-Lowered the balcony railing slightly.
-Changed 3d skybox to a better looking one.
-Added sound to far generator box.
-Updated The pubs interior.
-Updated Pub Exterior.
-Spread cans out more evenly.
-fixed, and added more Med packs, Adrenalin, Pain Pills, Guns, Melee weapons, Defibs into the map.
-Added more windows, also with infected ladder into some.
-Added more Door frames.
-Added break walls, And The visible sign of a breakwall for infected players to hide in, and commons to spawn in mobs from.
-Added more lights upstairs, and onto the balcony.
-Moved some cans around into better positions, gameplay wise.
-Added crashed truck in car park, to break up LOS, Add more common spawns/infected player chance to hide behind it.
-Finished Upstairs area.
-Added vent in bars, backroom.
-Textured all the bathrooms.
-Commons now spawn on the map.
-Fixed weapons not spawning in map.
-Updated vpk files

v.0.9 (beta)

-Added Survival Gamemode.
-Few small texture fixes.
-Optimization. (NoDraw on unseen faces)
-Some item fixes.
-Fixed Bots not climbing stairs in Pub.

V.1.0 (Beta)

-Editied Fog, and skybox to look better.
-Made Scavenge Cans only spawn in Scavenge, and not appear in Survival.
-Generator now also only appears in Scavenge. and Not in survival.
-Clip Nodes on small ledges, and hedges clip.
-Fixed window of right of pub.
-Props in side, and lights out side now fade away from a more realistic distance.
-Added some more small decorations into theinterior of the pub, like pictures, and more plants.
-Nav improvements, Commons should spawn more in game, and get stuck less.

(Goes from 1 to 2 not 1.1 ect, 0.8, 0.9 ect was jsut beta released)

V.2 (Complete)

-Added more Primary and Secondry weapons, And more items (eg, Pipebombs, bile)
-Weapons have moved position, to balance the map out more.
-Improved Sounds
-Improved Rain
-Fixed some Floating Objects
-Fixed shadows on Pictures inside pub
-File name renamed so Survival times are reset for the finished version

V.3 (Final)

-Added Cube maps
-Added more doorframes
-Added more windows, and infected ladders on the windows
-Fixed other infected ladders
-Added more infected ladders in hedge mase for infected in scavenge
-Fixed parts of broken nav
-Changed Skybox and fog, Now Darker and Scarier!
-Added Area Portals
-Changed Vpk Files
-Minor Bug fixes
-Added Jukebox into interior of pub :D

V.4 (Update)

-Changed Bsp name to reset survival times for final version of map
-Fixed pipe bomb and molotov counts, so they only give out 1 not 5
-Fixed the map some times having texture errors in some places
-Placed a magnum in the map
-fixed survivors clipping infected ladders

-V.5 (Update)

-Changed some vpk files

V.6 (Bug Fix focused update)

-Fixed some texture scaling issues
-Changed hight of ceiling on second floor
-Fixed some walls not touching the floor
-Added a back to the clothes bit in the bedrooms
-slight Skybox optimization
-Added Ui pictures
-Added some door frames, and removed doors in certain areas
-Lots of other minor fixes
-Fixed all area portal leaks (No more area portals)
-Added a few overlays
-New skybox
-New Screenshots
-Updated Vpk


-New Skybox
-New Fog Settings
-New Lighting Effects (No Lighting Glare on walls, added spotlights)
-Fixed some Wrong textures
-Added Poster
-Added interior fog Settings
08/29/2010 Version: 7.0 (final) Size: 3.29MB File: pub crawl.vpk Downloads: 5,534 Views: 20,631

A scavange and survival map, Located in and around an Rural pub in England. The survivors find themselves trapped there due to a storm. Try you're best to survive

Needs l4d2 addon support

9 Comments and 2 Reviews
cantuchme1 cantuchme1 Posted 3 years ago

i Had sam ide :S

Jarhchief Jarhchief Posted 3 years ago

Nice idea xD but i'll stick with this. Not updating map anymore

hassenpheffer Critichassenpheffer Posted 3 years ago

Quick suggestion: Title: Pub Brawl.

Jarhchief Jarhchief Posted 3 years ago

the next update will include a oading poster, along with more detail, and hopefully a new (working) skybox

ausimus Criticausimus Posted 3 years ago

You need to really work on loading images, and how to properly do those. Personally when i get ready to play a custom map and don't see one, or see the checker box texture i hit the tilde key during loading and find another map to play. From the images thou the map looks good.

Also something that you need to work on is adding more detail, in the hallway and in the pool hall area, those would be some good places for some overlays/decals and some rag dolls and just more detail in particular.

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Pub Crawl PT. PT. Posted 3 years ago

-Cool weather effects
-Nice architecture
-Laid out well
-Good places to ambush from (hunter on the roof etc.)


-Cans seem very far spread, although atleast they cover the map.
-Hard to clear the map with 1 or 2 people on each team
- Doesn't seem to be any buildings in the distance, unless it's set in the middle of nowhere


Very good map I'd say, plus I've played it with you and the rest of >:D! many times xD.
I can't really think of many cons for this map, but if you find any I'm sure you'd fix them quite easily

Pub Crawl
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