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Resident Evil Outbreak : File 1

Author: CriticRichy221 (12)Game: L4D2Add-On: CampaignMaps: 7/7
member8.2 critic8.7 Co-op map for co-op play Versus map for versus play
7/7 Maps Available
  • - Resident Evil Outbreak INTRO
  • - Outbreak Scenario
  • - Below Freezing point Scenario
  • - The Hive Scenario
  • - Hellfire Scenario
  • - Decisions, Decisions Scenario Part 1&2
  • - Decisions, Decisions Scenario Finale

This version contains the following fixes/improvements:

every map except for below freezing point and the finale have been optimized.
if you are experiencing lag or fps issues than look into getting a better computer to run l4d2

This finale is a temporary finale because i do not know how to do the cinematics i want to yet.
i also took off the magnum skin. enjoy~~~~


This is a small fix update that includes the following:

1) Resident Evil zombie sound files have been corrected
2) Hellfire van/saferoom not triggering next level has been fixed
3) some sound files have been taken out of the VPK and will be available for download on my remodpack mod as soon as i update that

list of some sound files that were removed

-Weapon sounds
-witch voice
-starting music for official campaigns
there may be others but i cant remember

if you are getting an error msg involving the hunter sometimes try doing a sv_consistency 0 in your console before4 you start the campaign.



V6 bugs and FAQ

Ok for the most part i am still learning about optimization. For those who dont have very good computers you will probably experience low fps on maps like outbreak or hellfire. my laptop runs fine because it can handle this so dont go saying oh its a bad map cuz bad lag >_> know your shit!

outbreak map:
fps issues

the hive: bots dont wana go on the elevator sometimes

hellfire: bots sometimes go thru gate at the end of the level

decisions1-finale: fog makes walls invisible sometimes dont know why

The decisions finale is kinda a experimental temporary thing. i am not sure if i want to keep it this way or not yet...
I put less hints on decisions on purpose to keep u guys searching so dont go saying there arnt many hints !

look around! u may find something useful

also for the red jewel u have to go to the side to use and press E otherwise it wont say u used it.

So if you follow the timeline at all I have noticed i usually give an update once a month. (just found that amusing) moving along....

I have taken everyones feedback (both annoying trolls and acceptable feedback) I dont think this campaign is a perfect 100/100 because i know theres a lot of work to be done. the reason i get annoyed at some of the very low reviews (even high ones) is because they either write something they dont know about themselves entirely or are completely bringing down the integrity of this campaign because they want to.

I read every comment on this campaigns site that i can because i want to make this outbreak campaign as best i can. im an outbreak fan and i would want this to be the best also. but it really annoys me when people bag on this campaign for example they say (take out the pushing cars its STUPID!) well then thats just stupid. its part of outbreak and i intend to keep it that way. another stupid remark as you've all known is the few i would assume 4 guys only that came here and made a vid on v 5.5 i think or whatever v im on. they commented heavily on the campaign and i dont mind them saying oh this wall is invisible or this needs to be not black because it looks bad. that im fine with but they said ENTIRELY THE CAMPAIGN IS NOT PLAYABLE which is completely idiotic. not to mention the fact that they say its unbeatable on advanced or expert when i already recorded my and a few friends playing on advanced and we beat it with ease. i would upload it but we want to get together soon and play it on expert realism and beat it while recording to show these guys that it can be beat. I took into account the stuff theys aid in their vids and i indeed am working on polishing the maps (i already completely polished maps 1 and 2 not counting the intro) which brings me to another point. THE INTRO IS FOR FIRST TIME USERS PLAYING THIS CAMPAIGN! im tired of people saying take the intro out because they dont want to have to sit thru it all the time when they play this campaign. well if you hate it so much just skip it? how hard is that to click on outbreak than intro map sheesh. I added the intro because i wanted to recreate what i could of the outbreak intro we all love so much (its not going anywhere because people do like my intro). this also goes for the intros on each lvl themselves because each map is in a different setting entirely. Last but not least i am in no way narrating in this campaign, what i did was add lines from outbreak THE GAME ITSELF from what the characters talk. when ur playing outbreak u can make ur character talk and it shows a subtitle line and the reason capcom did this was to give hints on what the character thinks they should do. THATS WHAT I WAS DOING IN THIS CAMPAIGN not narrating. if you really beleive i was narrating maybe you should play outbreak again and not troll.

with all that ranting said...now for the good news!

I am working heavily on making this campaign look better for those who support this campaign entirely because i make maps for people like you and not idiots that just want 2 seconds of fame with their dumb comments which they should research the outbreak game and how it is before commenting. some things to look forward to are:

Intro: I may or may not change some things a bit regarding this map


-I polished up the map on numerous areas and even added to it
-I changed the ladder on the first elevator for nav correction purposes
-The map now spawns numerous zombies (i feel the director likes my new design and nav now)
-The bots pickup items in the military van before the finale HALLEFUCKINGLOOOOOOOOOOOOOYAH!!! i don't know how i did it but it works ever since i repolished so thats epic right?
- you will not be going thru the ruined street like before and just press a radio. now you will have to find a radio and a receiver in the finale and put them together near the entrance of the barricade to blow up the street just like in the video game
- some npc's helping? :D and death!
- new safe room is now a van just like in the original game where they put a cutscene of the outbreak character talking inside the van.
- I made a new intro for outbreak a bit shorter and even sweeter camera angle than the last. the last intro felt outa place for me.
-the oil spill fire will now not all be spawned at once because that was just terrible so i made it look like it was growing.
-light from fire is changed to flicker to resemble fire lighting a hell of a lot more better.
- your not going to be seeing any black walls now so i guessed and added my own creation to fill those gaps
-last but not least HDR BABY! i am implemented HDR to all the maps for a good clean high res feel that this game should be played.

that does it for outbreak (lot of changes ikr?)

Below Freezing Point
-New rooms mapped to give more of a recreational feel to this scenario
-I changed the pods in which the jockey smoker and witches are in
-i fixed some mapping problems i saw
-changed the finale fight
-added a surprise ????????????
-made some hallways bigger
-changed model of the chemical compound used to kill the tree off to a gas can since people kept thinking it was a soda bottle
- familiar re2 room in finale will be there once u get that far
- fixed the nav a bit
- changed the way floor A looks and i think it looks better this way ( i watched the scenario vid again and tried to recreate it as much as i could)

think thats all i did so far.....hmmm

well this is what i have done so far and ill be giving some changed to the hive and hellfire like less fire for less lag and more particle effects. Ill also do my best to optimize but like i said i have only been mapping for a year now and ya....theres only so much i know and am learning.

ill keep you posted on what i do as i go along so be sure to check in on this campaign. with that said i do have one question.........

With such a big update coming and decisions well on its way should i release the update as soon as im done polishing up the 4 scenarios or should i wait till i finish decisions for you guys to experience everything in one go? ill be done with the polishing up soon but desicions is still far from being done since i am the only one working on this project. so give me your feedback and thnx for playing my outbreak campaign!

The Hive

-New skybox
- new 3d skybox
-new cutscene
- polished areas and addition to detail
- less tank spawns in finale
-finale area is somewhat changed

-added ????????
-Made the door where u can go inside the hole unopenable until u get the gold key
-took out a LOT of fire entities so it should lag considerably less hopefully
- took off 2 tank spawns
-added some lighting in certain areas


had to fix a wall that was see thru



Yes I know once you saw outbreak new update your like ZOMG final map finally? :D welllllllllllll no.... im still working on that and wont be done for some time and i thank you for your patience. however this update does address some things i updated

1) The problem people had where some would die or even the bots would should be resolved

1) added some items on certain areas i felt needed for the palyers but not to much
2) nav has been fixed in some areas
3)The issue where you would die and spawn in the ending of outbreak should be fixed
4)turned off wills body glow by putting a sight limit to his body
5) Ending saferoom should have items spawned now

Below Freezing Point
1) some items have been added
2) Versus spawn should be fixed

The Hive

1) Added a rescue closet
2) tampered with the elevator nav so hopefully bots should now go inside ..........hopefully. let me know if otherwise
3) The button to open the checkpoint door is now able to be pressed multiple times to avoid the door from not opening bug
4) added infected wall climb for versus play

1) Added a rescue closet
2) made a blocker for zombies on intro for those who play expert and get demolished. so now u must turn the wheel to open it
3)added some items
4)fixed nav in some areas

and that does it for this months update i will keep u posted on the final map. if you want you can subscribe to my youtube channel under the username Rchy221

be sure to check it out :D


version 5.3

Finished intros for the following:
Resident evil outbreak Intro- i added some new things to this intro to make it look more....theatrical
Outbreak- changed the intro a bit
Below freezing point
The hive

Below freezing point is now a survival/scavenge map

iI looked at some of the maps and made some textures look a bit better. at least the ones that i saw were really stretched....
I changed the way you acquire the keys/cardkeys
i added some player clips to areas i didnt want u guys to go into


Map 1 intro: i shaved some unneccassary things such as the skybox because there was a lot left over that didnt need to be rendered.

Map 2 Outbreak: Finale has been redone
nav works a bit better
bots wont die on ladder

Map 3 Below Freezing point: added a rescue closet
fixed the spot where in the 3 way area u can climb back up and so can the bots

map 4 Hive: fixed some nav and changed the hallway near the finale

map 5 Hellfire: it seems zombies are spawning alot here
reduced the time for finale gate to be opened by 30 seconds instead of it lasting for 60 you only need to hold for 30


Fixed the purple and black squares on intro
added new weapon/item custom skins
charger gets a new look

outbreak survival/scavenge map i moved the barricade up a bit so zombies can get thru on the second floor
outbreak should now show its intro even tho its not the first map now.


New INTRO Cutscene map available

i fixed some other bugs and changed the poster
i also added versus completion score so it should give distance in versus now


Added outbreak and hellfire survival/scavenge maps

fixed some bugs

New cutscene in outbreak map

other 2 maps will be available for survival/scavenge soon


known bugs

The first ladder bots tend to fall
finale gate bots like to go through it sometimes
after you push box when bots fall there is a small chance they may get stuck

thats about it for now if you think you see a bug let me know and ill let you know if it is


ok so im happy to announce i got custom skins to work for the campaign.
so now u can play as chris jill barry or wesker along with their own personal s_panel piks.
Added sound mods courtesy from benio
took off some sounds to make vpk file smaller
I added a sound for when you acquire keys cuz some people didnt know if they had them or not,
and i also fixed and tweaked the maps a bit all over

finally the preview i set up when u beat the hive i fixed

The reason the vpk is 700mb is due to the fact its all sound file mods from re series. im just testing this out is all and if it doesnt work out i will take them away and have the vpk back at around 100mb or less

New start intro cutscene
More Zombies should spawn
Custom textures
Resident evil music
A new buddy to help you with along the campaign :D (You'll find out in outbreak who that is)
The ending for outbreak has massive amounts of zombies after you from the other side of the police barricaade

Note i had to take away a few zombie spawns because i put TO many and it crashed my left 4dead 2 xD it was just epic seeing all those zombies in test run lol

Custom music for the following below
Tank and witch
When your grabbed by smoker hunter jockey or charger
When your covered in acid and boomer bile
L4d2 main menu (its kinda low in volume a little bit but it just makes it sound like its a sketchy radio recording is all)
Dark Carnival Concert music
Grenade launcher weapon sound from Resident evil
When ur incapacited or dead
credits song


Ok so a few things i did for update 3.1

1. I noticed sometimes ome songs didn't play so I sorta fixed that

2. Did a "temp" fix for elevators. Now you dont have to worry about jumping and being stuck lol

3. I optimized a bit on all three maps

4. Added a few more decors and fixed some that were outa place

5. I built the cubemaps even tho i thought i already did. There was a MAJOR difference in clarity of the levels when i was done and it looks way nicer now :D

6. frgot the last thing i did.....oh well

so ya i got the new sdk and i need opinions if i should make this campaign L4D1 or L4D2 survivors. so let me know about that and anything else you spotted thats outa place


NEW MAP! The Hive Scenario

Ok so i fixed a few things with the first two maps but i beleive there may still be bugs. if you spot any let me know.

as for the hive the only thing i would notice to watch out for is the elevator since i have not put in any doors yet nor was ever even planning on it for the time being. the bots seem to go inside when i do and it should be the same as well for you. but if you find any bugs let me know

1 bug i do know is the bots sometimes dont pick up items ~ nav related i believe. but ya i wouldnt count on bots as much and would recommend you play with a buddy or 3.......enjoy!

outbreak adds: added an intro and fixed some stuff such as where players are allowed to move
New map! below freezing point. just inform me of any bugs that u think are bugs if u spot any.
dl mirrror link for custom music


Only bugs or glitches I know of right now are that the bots sometimes fall on the ladder i built near the elevator. but it rarely happens to me

Added a few more features to the game play and i tried a crack at optimizing it more. so far it has done well nicely

If you want the custom music then follow the instructions inside the add on folder you download on how to


Nav file fixed up. only issue i see rarely is sometimes dealing with the elevator and that is about it.
Still working on how to fix the explosion sprites
campaign now visible in campaign list and has thumbnails


Updated the Nav a bit and the ai should go through the tunnel and elevator.
More zombies seem to come for me and hopefully it is the same with you guys
changed the finale a bit
custom poster, and outrotitle should work now
campaign should be in list if u have v 2017 left 4 dead 2
added more detail etc
hopefully this update goes well i am still working on stuff so enjoy v 1.5

Known Bugs

#1- BOTS will not go in tunnel or elevator. creative ways to get them to go inside is to throw Molotov's near them so they go in. Same with finale or just go ahead and kills bots. sometimes they do go inside.

#2- Poster isn't appearing on loading screen-if it does then let me know

#3- If survivors are stuck just keep moving. most of the times for me they teleport to me after a short distance. just keep moving

all so far. I am trying to fix them so please enjoy the rest of the map and be patient

04/06/2012 Version: 6.2 (beta) Size: 526.47MB File: Outbreak.vpk Downloads: 561,509 Views: 749,111

Version 6.2 is now out
Custom models:by mr lanky/cupcake


Tagged: co-op, versus, Resident, Evil, Outbreak

Environments: Remakes / Ports

Valve's Missing Content Fix

Adds missing textures and models. These files came in with the first revision of Cold Stream, and th...

557 Comments and 66 Reviews
Michael23 Michael23 Posted 1 month ago

Will there be an outbreak file 2 campaign? (i dont know if it was asked before but i didnt saw anyone asking about it in the comments i saw).

its not for certain if i want to do a file 2 or not because im swamped with other projects right now like trying to update this campaign.

1 month ago
Outbreak95 Outbreak95 Posted 2 months ago

Hey. I've tried to play this campaign several times but there are so many missing textures and models (plus the giant ERROR messages) that I can't actually play. I've already downloaded "Valve's Missing Content Fix" and extracted the file in the addons folder, but it didn't worked.

I don't know if it has anything to do, but my game isn't updated, and I can't seem to find a update link with the latest version, so I'm pretty much stuck here.

If anyone can help me with this issue, I would really appreciate it. I love the Outbreak games and Left 4 Dead too, and I really want to try out this campaign, I don't care if the bots die xD

Thanks, cheers!

pirated or legit?

2 months ago
Asher2235 Asher2235 Posted 2 months ago

I saw some guys named Inker and Chicago Bread play this. looked really fun.

can finally try it out. :)

sucks that i saw someone say third person view wont work, cuz that's my favorite way to play left4dead 2

it works for me^^

1 month ago
richy221 Criticrichy221 Posted 2 months ago

try deleting or disabling other campaign addons before you paly this.


THIS MAP IS AWESOME only problem is in all my other campaigns the tank is still the Nemesis one with sounds and everything, any solutions?

2 months ago

disable outbreak when you play those and your problem will be gone

2 months ago
Valentine_Wong Valentine_Wong Posted 2 months ago

- Incredibly detailed locations
- It really feels like Raccoon City
- Custom skins
- Amazing cinematic intro, that really surprised me, even if it´s useless for gameplay mechanics it´s an outstanding visual tribute to the Resident Evil franchise


- The custom music for the witch i know it´s from Code Veronica but somehow it feels hilarious instead of tension when she runs towards you
- The campaign at the beginning when i tested it usually it doesnt load because of the undetected custom model of the licker for the hunter giving only the message "models/hunter.mdl or something like that and it´s really annoying because that is out of my control
- When i use the third person view the game crashes usually in the same part when i get out of the bar after openning the door to the stairs


Awesome map and the adaptation it´s amazing and maybe the must surprising for me until now. The map is really funny but somehow currently i can´t play other part of the map without the crash problem.

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Resident Evil Outbreak : File 1 Valentine_Wong Valentine_Wong Posted 2 months ago

- Incredibly detailed locations
- It really feels like Raccoon City
- Custom skins
- Amazing cinematic intro, that really surprised me, even if it´s useless for gameplay mechanics it´s an outstanding visual tribute to the Resident Evil franchise


- The custom music for the witch i know it´s from Code Veronica but somehow it feels hilarious instead of tension when she runs towards you
- The campaign at the beginning when i tested it usually it doesnt load because of the undetected custom model of the licker for the hunter giving only the message "models/hunter.mdl or something like that and it´s really annoying because that is out of my control
- When i use the third person view the game crashes usually in the same part when i get out of the bar after openning the door to the stairs


Awesome map and the adaptation it´s amazing and maybe the must surprising for me until now. The map is really funny but somehow currently i can´t play other part of the map without the crash problem.

Resident Evil Outbreak : File 1
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