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Cold Storage

Author: CriticBranZymeGame: L4D2Add-On: Map
member9.3 critic9.2 Survival map for survival mode
Screenshot provided by Trunten
1 Maps Available
Map Status: 100% Complete

- Network optimization.
- Visibility optimization.
- Improved navigation.
- Improved clipping.
- Made secret slightly more noticeable.
- Lots of misc. fixes, changes, polish and perfecting.

Response to review of user "Someone":

- Added more melee weapons.
- Added more tier 2 weapons.
- Reduced brightness when slow motion is active.
- Reduced brightness in tower.
- Increased overall map brightness.
- Slow motion button is no longer be timed.


- Fixed bad geometry in storage area.
- Fixed special infected not being able to climb up certain infected ladder in the garage.
- Polish.
- Gnome Chompski has been hidden within the map.
- Added secret mode (hint: you probably wont be able to find out how to activate it!)


- Fixed colour correction not working in entire office building.
- Fixed poster image for users with 4:3 resolution.
- Fixed issue where hints would not function properly.
- Modified skybox to make search lights more visibile.
- Added more geometry detail.
- Removed vertical beams from tower (they just got in the way).
- Polish.


Version 2.0

- Changed the way the horde is triggered.
- Added custom colour correction.
- Added indoor soundscapes.
- Added graffiti (by ThaiGrocer).
- Fixed infected ladders.
- Fixed navigation bugs.
- Improved navigation.
- Improved clipping.
- Improved optimization.
- Improved lighting.
- Improved texturing.
- Polish.


Version 1.9

- Recompiled with clipping. Sorry about that!


Version 1.8

- Completely redone and improved navigation mesh.
- Clipping improvements.
- More optimization.
- Improved lighting for vehicles and certain objects.
- Centralized skybox.
- Refined textures and geometry.
- Added some items and weapons.


Version 1.7

- Improved clipping.
- Improved optimization.
- Added hint to slow motion button.
- Slow motion button is now timed.
- Refined some textures and geometry.


Version 1.6

- Changed textures and geometry in office building.
- Improved optimization.
- Added special effect when slo-mo button is pressed (light exposure is momentarily increased drastically).
- Improved clipping on the walkway, infected should no longer get stuck on it.
- Removed invisible block that didn't allow infected to spawn in a certain location.
- Minor detail enhancements.
- Removed ammo from garage and rooftop and placed one near the base of the tower.


Version 1.5

- Fixed navigation, zombies can now enter through the opening in the garage.
- Removed auto-crouching on entire map.
- Removed l4d2_ from .vpk name.
- Some polish.


Version 1.4

- Fixed stuttering ladder.
- Fixed some magnums not spawning.
- Large amounts of optimization.
- Various detail and texture refining.
- Removed version number from poster.
- Added broken wall in garage.
- Added 'Save Me Some Sugar' song to the jukebox.
- Fixed incorrect bump map on cliff texture.
- Improved clipping.
- Added automatic crouching when moving into a small passageway.


Version 1.3

- Changed ground texture which adds detail sprites to ground.
- Changed tank model to the sacrifice type.
- Geometry, overlay and texture detail improvements.
- Lighting improvements.
- Pushed fog back to see further.
- Improved clipping.
- Various performance optimizations.
- Updated addon, poster and map image.
- Added radio instructor message.


Version 1.2

- Restored ability to pickup propane tanks.
- Changed poster: updated screenshot, removed tagline, added version number.
- Changed map description.
- Removed _v# (version number) from .vpk name.


Version 1.1

- L4D survivors replace L4D2 ones.
- Turret will now sometimes be in original L4D form.
- Changed fog settings to look more natural and to see further.
- Added color correction.
- Reduced constrast to give a more death toll-styled look.
- Added custom hdr (high dynamic range) lighting changes. It should no longer dim so much when entering building with catwalk.
- Trees and cables now sway in the wind.
- More optimization.
- Added oxygen tanks.
- Added explosive barrels.
- Added randomized laser upgrade spawns.
- Added mini-intro.
- Even more exploit-free environment.
- Slow motion button now regenerates (after about 4 minutes).
- Fixed timescale glitch.
- Fixed bots not following you up ladder to catwalk.
- More detail in 3D skybox.


Version 1.0

- Completed map for Release.
09/01/2011 Version: 2.3 (complete) Size: 9.32MB File: coldstorage.vpk Downloads: 70,358 Views: 198,999

The survivors find themselves in an abandoned storage facility, what a twist! Features the original survivors and a regenerating slow motion button.

Special thanks to the Left 4 Dead 2 mapping community for all their help.

77 Comments and 19 Reviews
kueks kueks Posted 3 months ago

the fresh food people

d7omy d7omy Posted 5 months ago


kfsoldier kfsoldier Posted 1 year ago

Wonder if someone can make a map were 8 people can play together?

Not possible without server mods

4 months ago
lkl Criticlkl Posted 1 year ago

• Slo-Mo Button
• Good Lighting
• Fairly Good Setting


• Unobtainable Grenade Launcher [Catwalk of the Garage]
• Slo-mo is One Time Only
• Feels Dull


Fairly Good Survival Map that happens to be more enjoyable than expected.

nikolocotemax95 nikolocotemax95 Posted 1 year ago

cual es el comando para jugar esta partida survival?'??

Cuando la jugué no usé ningún comando.

1 year ago
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Cold Storage lkl Criticlkl Posted 1 year ago

• Slo-Mo Button
• Good Lighting
• Fairly Good Setting


• Unobtainable Grenade Launcher [Catwalk of the Garage]
• Slo-mo is One Time Only
• Feels Dull


Fairly Good Survival Map that happens to be more enjoyable than expected.

Cold Storage
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