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Dead Before Dawn DC

Author: Criticdarth_brush (3)Game: L4D2Add-On: CampaignMaps: 5/5
member9.4 critic9.4 Co-op map for co-op play Versus map for versus play
Screenshot provided by JMantis
5/5 Maps Available
  • - Anna is gone
  • - The mall
  • - Clean up
  • - Undead center
  • - New dawn
Campaign Status: 90% Complete
Map 1:
Fixed barricade script not working in some conditions (versus, modded servers)

Map 3:
Sanitized north gate event zombie spawns
Fixed celebration tanks not spawning in some cases
Fixed huge performance degradation due to "1m customers celebration music" issue when failing the north gate event

Map 4:
Sanitized forklift movement some more to cope with various random event times
zFog changes

Map 5:
Various Itemization changes
Nav fixes (tank no longer gets stuck in deck 1 barricade next to the ramp)


Anna is gone:
Reduced throwable spawn items sligthely
Added 2 "must exist" health items in anna's bathroom

The Mall:
Added medical cabinet with 2 obligatory health items in a room in the backlot area past the AC event
Sanitized crank crescendo event slightly
Modified Nav

Clean Up:
Fixed neightmare room door still locking when reaching the north gate (supposed to be open always)

Undead Center:
Fixed forklift crescendo event so it's no longer skippable
throttled back throwable spawn frequency slightly

New dawn:
Slightly modified some nav


General Fixes:
- Updated map 1 thumbnail to reflect new time of day lighting
- added missing material file for 3:4 format loading poster
- changed description
- vpk version 5

map 1: Anna is gone

Changed up world lighting and skybox to "morning"
Added random intro convo's
Coach is no longer muted in this map
Touched up terrain displacements and various details
Touched up some nav stuff
Fixed able to get stuck behind sattelite in starting area
Fixed being able to run up the hill on the left side route near the bridge
Gave garage door in anna's house some strength so smoker has a tougher time doing a break/smoke combo on players
Fixed bots teleporting trough the barricade firewall at the end of the map
Ramped up the item spawn density
Helicopter event/crash site is now random
Barricade event optimized

Map 2:

Touched up the map details
Slightly ramped up the item spawn density
The need to fix the AC unit is now randomized

Map 3:

Touched up level design
Added an instructor advising players not to shoot the ATM's
A Player no longer need to "press and hold" for the gate events
Survivors are no longer able to break the wall near the laser sight in the weaponshop
West (small) gate event is made shorter and no longer happens in 2 steps
North (big) gate event made shorter as well (and no longer has 2 stages)
Allowing more than 1m customers penalty changed from "waking up in the nightmare room" to a fluffy tank, gone with the "progress blocking"
When wandering out the door too far, Andy's FF gunfire doesn't kill any longer: he misses and the story goes that the player is scared back inside the safe perimeter.
"Nightmare" room is now open and containing items are accessible all the time
Server room is now a bonus room for not letting 1m users in
Door in reko bank now opens in both directions

map 4: Undead Center

Touched up some map details
Added rescue room near forklift event.
Automated forklift event (can vary between 30, 60 and 90 seconds)
Reduced damage of wall explosion (no longer incaps unless you really want to go ly down while being in low health

Map 5: New Dawn

Fixed double ammo pile at police car on deck 2
pre finale tank in the food court is now possible (Coach no like)
The Finale's overal horde / tank flow and structure is now more like the parish bridge finale with the following differences:
Random tank on either deck 1 or 2 (in versus, tank placement is the same for each team)
No more roof showdown with 2 tanks like in last version of the map. (the only roof tanks present now are the escape tanks so hurry up!)
Fixed nav bug preventing bots from choosing a direct path to the rescue vehicle
Some nav optimization as well
Placed the chainsaw/M60 spawn earlier in the map so that it's more useful during the finale for players in expert mode.
The former chainsaw/M60 spawn place now has a chance to spawn a throwable or pills
Added an extra physics car on the roof to be throwable by the tank
Changed the rescue bus' path a bit near the elevator because in the new finale conditions it had a chance to slam survivors in the wall


- Citylights map (1) removed: Anna is gone is now map 1
- New map: Undead Center added as map 4
- Poster tile didn't show up on in-game server listings

Map 1 Anna is gone
- created a new intro similar to our stylized credit trailer
- deleted all explosion enities at the blocked tunnel, because some ppl get hurt there.
- colored many props darker cause we had some lighting props
- added a HUGE sign to warn player of the chopper blades :P
- first half of the map has now only t1 weapons

Map 2 The Mall
- colored all props in the safehouse cause they were also lighting
- Equalized mall supply door opening event with approximate crescendo duration
- added some gifts in dead end areas.
- changed the lighting in some areas

Map 3 Clean up
- added a moving camera for the toilet scene
- added more hints for player to know where to go
- The west gate "hold buttons" event is optimized to avoid glitchy button syndrome when playing on high ping servers
- North gate speed increased by 15%
- Nav optimization
- empty battlefield to ease up too much zombies during north gate event
- versus measures to ease up north gate event (director script adaptations)
- 1 more "event salvation" item in the locked gun shop

Map 4 Undead Center
SURPRISE! but if you didn't like the 1 millionst gate event, then you will hate this map :P

Map 5 New Dawn
- ammo in the start saferoom
- fixed some nav problems
- fixed FinaleEScapeVehicleReadyForSurvivors trigger delay (bots didnt get to rescue vehicle nav)

03/13/2013 Version: 7.0 (final) Size: 562.56MB File: deadbeforedawn2_dc.vpk Downloads: 1,570,194 Views: 1,052,380

Dead Before Dawn: Director's Cut is an update of DBD including more mall, more zombies and more events! It includes our "deleted" map Undead center, which you'll be able to finally play as full release version!

Release: February 16th 2011

360 Comments and 139 Reviews
REV6Pilot REV6Pilot Posted 4 days ago

Even with the content fix, the pipes still have the checkered purple/black textures in them. That's the only downfall of this campaign other than that, at the finale, all infected seem strangely obsessed with getting on top of the escape truck. When the last cutscene kicked in, we carried a Tank off on the roof!

Colleen CriticColleen Posted 1 month ago

This campaign is one of my favorites! A good length like red effect on boomers barf good change from the green. 1hate that "so-called" security guard the dude that guides I wanted to punch his face. The guy who did this voice was really good!

FleischBeater FleischBeater Posted 1 month ago

Generaly, this campaign is amazing. I really liked that one and I hope I'll replay it many times in future. The only thing that really bothers me, is attitude of this "5th survivor"-guy. He's so obnoxious and so unlikeable that even when he saved my ass I still wanted to rip his throat out and put it in his... somwhere safe... Still, he's not much of a problem (when I don't have to listen to him), but overall, voice acting is just great, I loved the radio auditions, this made this world look way more realistic and way more... living (can I call it like that?) You did a really great job and I hope you'll keep it that way in future.

Shadow234 Shadow234 Posted 2 months ago

The campaign was fun to play!
custom music
the guy that talks to you in the mall
detailed mall, the mall looks better than the dead center mall


two tanks appear at the finale (sometimes)


I liked the campaign the finale was great too
had to leave the bots behind in the fnale though becaues there were two tanks after me

zereulminion zereulminion Posted 2 months ago

love it

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Dead Before Dawn DC Shadow234 Shadow234 Posted 2 months ago

The campaign was fun to play!
custom music
the guy that talks to you in the mall
detailed mall, the mall looks better than the dead center mall


two tanks appear at the finale (sometimes)


I liked the campaign the finale was great too
had to leave the bots behind in the fnale though becaues there were two tanks after me

Dead Before Dawn DC
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