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Nightmare - Ep1
Nightmare - Ep1New

You wake up in a strange place and wonder how you got there, try and escape! - this map has nothing to do with left 4 dead, it would probably suit garry's mod better but my sdk won't work for gmod. *IMPORTANT* put nightmare ep1 into the console.

  04/14/2014Version: 1 (complete) Views: 825 By: rooster
KBar survival
KBar survival

SURVIVAL MAP - please read the following before playing. coop mode is for picture taking only. light switches (in bar, gas station closet, and warehouse) that have glow will turn lights on/off
to start survival event ...shoot the balloon! KBar has many custom textures and sprites i made just for it. weapons and such are spread out on map for survivors to find before starting event. map uses 3 textures from tophattwaffles realworld pack.
constructive feedback would be appreciated so i can make improvements.

  03/12/2014Version: 1.6 (complete) Views: 13592 By: K1CHWA
Black Mesa Survival
Black Mesa SurvivalNew

A blast from tlhe past, Our four survivors find themselves in the black mesa research facility.

  02/17/2014Version: 1.0 (beta) Views: 5848 By: Hunterpunter09
Restless Hollows
Restless Hollows

Happy Halloween everyone,
Here is an updated release 0.3, of a interactive Survival map. This map features a small town, stationed near a lake named Restless; this site has been well known for it's hauntings and startling plane crash. Note,the map has a few important details that I've noted in the README that is within the vpf file
The add-on has been updated from 0.2 to 0.3 and now has the map included in the add-on

  09/28/2013Version: 0.3 (beta) Views: 7913 By: Cracknuck
Hunter Training
Hunter TrainingNew

Do you want to be a better Hunter?
You must download this map if you want it!
20 challenges and a Live Course to Improve your skills!
All credits to eyeonus

  07/17/2013Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 27891 By: XxEzem@$terxX
Warehouse 23 Survival
Warehouse 23 SurvivalNew

Reupload cause map dissappeared from l4dmaps.

Finally after some overwhelming resistance we have reached the Warehouse. It seems to be abandoned..

  07/15/2013Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 14285 By: Bloodhunter
The achievement's bunker
The achievement's bunkerNew

I made ‚Äč‚Äčthis map for fun, and I want you enjoy it. Not a serious map.

The only goal is to enjoy and... burn and massacre a few zombies, tanks, hunters, smokers and boomers.

  05/23/2013Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 18293 By: kukilin
L4D Assault 1.6
L4D Assault 1.6New

A classic map cs_assault version of counter strike 1.6 for Left4Dead.

The map is played in survival mode in the future I will create Scavenge mode for Left 4 Dead 2

I hope your comments, enjoy.

  05/21/2013Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 13599 By: kukilin
The Rescue
The Rescue

My first map for left 4 dead, survivors must wait for rescue in the central square, but the infected lurk.

  05/05/2013Version: 1.1 (complete) Views: 8266 By: kukilin
The Chalet
The Chalet

Survival map where survivors must defend a villa from the hordes. This is my second map for Left 4 Dead, the first I'll upload shortly.

  05/05/2013Version: 1.1 (complete) Views: 6524 By: kukilin
The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games

This map is a simulation of the Hunger Games where you can battle against your friends and enjoy with them, but will be the winner or will die because of your friends or the ZOMBIES.
luck and have fun.
(give him the button to be 30 seconds before Hunger Games and give you time to grab weapons)

  05/03/2013Version: 2.0 (complete) Views: 17187 By: Colonello
No Mercy fail - Map 3 No Oficial
No Mercy fail - Map 3 No OficialNew

this is a sample of what was the beta version of the No Mercy campaign for Left 4 Dead.

you want the other chapters of No Mercy?

you send me a pm on my you tube channel kalumasterl, and I sent it.

  04/25/2013Version: 1.7 (final) Views: 9837 By: kalu
ColoMarty Castle
ColoMarty CastleNew

This map is that you are alone with your peers in a castle, and you must survive all the zombie hordes and special attacks you, helping you than necessary.
Get survive?

(The radio are seats)
(My first map)

  04/16/2013Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 6884 By: Colonello
SuperMarket New

SuperMarket survival map. Buy Nick Silverstone from Moscow. I apologize for my English.

  03/24/2013Version: 0.1 (beta) Views: 6642 By: Nick Silverstone
KF Biotics
KF BioticsNew

Survivors are trapped in an underground laboratory, and the elevator doesn't work! How long can you survive? KF Biotics is based on the map "Biotics Lab" from Killing Floor. This is not intended for newbies! Human players recommended. Running for ammo, medkits, or pills will require a team effort.

  11/16/2012Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 12731 By: GenBowL
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