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Co-op maps for Left 4 Dead 2.
Dniepr: Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses
Dniepr: Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses 4/4 maps

Updates listed in the changelog!
Enjoy guys! ;)

  11/20/2013Version: 2.0.1 (complete) Views: 249382 By: Dev-Team: Bendix8, Ankou, KhelbenViews: 249382 L4D2
Half-Life 2: Water Hazard
Half-Life 2: Water Hazard 7/7 maps

REQUIRES additional addon to display textures: Half-Life 2 Texture Pack (linked below)
Chapter 4 & 5.

This campaign is very long and rather difficult! Be Warned!

Also includes the "Black Mesa East" chapter but compared to the rest of the campaign it's a rather short portion. Despite it's name this campaign does NOT require the player to move underwater, as seen in Route Kanal.
Exploration is rewarded with supplies and make sure to use adrenaline wisely!

Keep your eyes open for the Lambda symbol and the HL2 supply crates!

I'm looking forward to read your comments, reviews and watch the video's every1 uploads! :)

  11/19/2013Version: 0.1.0 (beta) Views: 80593 By: schayk91 aka |NFG|AngerfistViews: 80593 L4D2
2019 II - April Fools Edition
2019 II - April Fools Edition

The old version of 2019 II, originally uploaded on April 1st of 2013 for April Fools day. Re-uploading it in the Halloween spirit.

Please note this is a joke map and is not to be taken seriously. However please do rate this 1/10 if you feel the absolute need.

  10/31/2013Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 12132 By: Levi E.Views: 12132 L4D2
No Parking
No Parking

Bill and the crew made it to the passing , but they never mentioned they met Whitaker along the way...

A Left for dead 2 community subplot.

Version 2.0 (10/25/2013)

Hints recommended for first playthrough.
- coop,Versus, Scavenge and Survival game modes.

  10/25/2013Version: 6.1 (final) Views: 257545 By: Lou SaffireViews: 257545 L4D2
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson 3/3 maps

my first map. Some tips to enjoy the game:
_ Cut the music.
_ Play with a team, this is very important.
_ Kill the zombies very quickly (prevent lag)
_ Prefer use pipe bombs, grenade.
_ Find cheats,teleports and WTF stuffs hidden in the 3 maps.

I wait your advice.

  10/25/2013Version: 3 (beta) Views: 28573 By: ChokinoViews: 28573 L4D2
The Convoy
The Convoy

Buy vehicles ranging from the unstoppable Killdozer to the high tech CEDA Research Trailer and modify them to purchase weapons, deployable traps, sentry turrets, fences and even battlefield leveling support powers!

Hire mercenaries to support you in your attempts to salvage the parts to build your escape, including the original cast of L4D1 survivors and series legends such as The Rescue Pilot, Jimmy Gibbs, Jr., Virgil and the Midnight Riders!

Version 4.0 has been released with a number of improvements and fixes!

NOTE: Several SERIOUS issues have arisen with other maps. Please disable them and reload L4D2 before playing!

  10/16/2013Version: 5.1 (beta) Views: 101633 By: Robert RiterViews: 101633 L4D2
Zelda Majoras Mask WoodFall WIP
Zelda Majoras Mask WoodFall WIP 0/3 maps

This is the old stable working version of clocktown. If you would like to play the new version look for clocktown bata. That being said, expect bugs.

  10/15/2013Version: 0.7 (beta) Views: 27798 By: nightslayer50/waynereynoldsViews: 27798 L4D2
Let's Build 2 Core
Let's Build 2 Core

The core to the sequel Let's Build a Rocket. This powerful setup allows players to freeform build their forts and defend their base against zombies! Included are source files and a playable example map. Help make Let's Build maps better by contributing maps, sounds, script, or models!

  10/14/2013Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 40431 By: RimrookViews: 40431 L4D2
Dam it 2! The Director's Cut
Dam it 2! The Director's Cut 4/4 maps

Much longer first map with a longer walk in through the forest. Cross the bridge and enter the opposite side of the Dam complex then head back across the water and in to the main complex up the elevator and to the top of the Dam for a bespoke finale.

Please set GAMEINSTRUCTOR_ENABLE 1 in console for the finale, there is some simple but vital logic to learn for the first couple goes.

Thanks to:
- Estoopi - Bouncing general ideas around and finale .nut syntax
- Estoopi and friends - promod versus testing
- #moan
- Co-op play testers: Faluhsi, Dimaxa, Slamatl92, Undead Hunter, Vince Lionheart, TheRealEllis, Trunten, Loserboy, Mustardsauce

  10/05/2013Version: 1.6 (complete) Views: 413333 By: Tom BaldryViews: 413333 L4D2
Beldurra 2
Beldurra 2 5/5 maps

The infection has left more than a wake of dead in Beldurra. Something big is living there now, and it brings down the Survivors' chopper as they attempt to fly over. Survivors will make their way from the wilderness, through the city, and finally to an all-original boss battle finale.

Beldurra 2 emphasizes an already-present arcade element while encouraging teamwork to accomplish tasks (often with multiple solutions) to proceed. There are more common infected and fewer SI, among other changes.

Features original textures, sounds, music and gameplay mechanics (lockpicking, building stations, etc.)

Enabling the Instructor is recommended.

  10/03/2013Version: 2 (complete) Views: 80442 By: SaveYourNeighborsViews: 80442 L4D2
Day Break
Day Break 5/5 maps

After nearly 5 years of work, I'm happy to bring you: Day Break!
The survivors must escape San Francisco before the military bombs it! The survivors have to make their way out of the city, crossing the Golden Gate, and take a boat to Alcatraz Island.

  10/03/2013Version: 2.0 (complete) Views: 291591 By: DannBoViews: 291591 L4D2
Urban Underground
Urban Underground 5/5 maps

This is not intended to be like the official No Mercy.
It's based off of early developmental footage (videos and screenshots).
You will NOT have L4D2 specific items and weapons playing this.
Urban Underground takes place back during a time when L4D was still in development.
Areas and events will be different based on this.
You have been warned.

  09/22/2013Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 38300 By: doomddtbViews: 38300 L4D2
Fairfield Fallen
Fairfield Fallen 4/4 maps

A staggering 13-map campaign that links together No Mercy, Crash Course, and Death Toll into a maddening multi-hour marathon. Features randomized weather, pathing, scarce weaponry and persistent supplies and stats across all 13 maps.

  09/18/2013Version: 1.1 (complete) Views: 37989 By: BoViews: 37989 L4D2
Beldurra 3/3 maps

Beldurra consists of 3 chapters that take the survivors through the already-ruined city of Beldurra and ultimately downriver to a salvage compound. Equipment and obstacles are determined in real time, both to keep players alert and to make replaying levels more fun.

Features custom textures and an original end-credits score.
Beldurra is released under Creative Commons License BY-NC-ND

Special thanks to: NowOrTrevor and Sean for textures, Borkjop for ideas and assets, Chainsaws Ahoy and everyone who helped playtest, and Valve Software for an amazing core game and making the development tools available.

Beldurra is my first Hammer project.

  09/10/2013Version: 3 (final) Views: 122307 By: SaveYourNeighborsViews: 122307 L4D2
2019 II
2019 II 4/4 maps

A true sequel to the original 2019, players will be able to continue on the story and explore original fiction in the 2019 lore universe.


After the helicopter crash at the end of 2019, survivors must travel across the city in hopes of finding a military bunker. Meet up with new characters and make a choice that will determine the outcome of everyone's lives in the campaign.

*Please do not post comments with spoilers in them, or they will be deleted. Thanks.*

  09/09/2013Version: 1.4 (complete) Views: 110778 By: Levi EViews: 110778 L4D2