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Custom mods for Left 4 Dead 2.
Filthy Sound Pack
Filthy Sound Pack Audio

Replaces some ingame sounds with sound clips from Filthy Frank's videos on youtube. To prevent conflicts, please disable all other sound mods, including custom gun skins with their own sounds. If you have no sounds, or you hear a high pitched or sped up sound after firing a gun, open up the console in main menu and type "snd_updateaudiocache" and press enter. When it's finished, type "snd_rebuildaudiocache" and wait for it to finish. Once that's done, restart L4D2.
All sounds were taken from his channels "DizastaMusic" and "TVFilthyFrank"

  01/10/2014Version: 1.0 (beta) Views: 2318 By: PyroShield L4D2
Halo Menu Backgrounds
Halo Menu Backgrounds

Have replaced the five menu backgrounds and intro with Halo trailers. Here are the details

The Intro: Changes it to the Halo 3 E3 2007 Trailer
bg1: Changes to Halo Anniversary 2011 Trailer
bg2: Changes to Halo 2 Launch Trailer
bg3: Changes to Halo 3 ESPN Trailer
bg4: Changes to Halo 4 Launch Trailer
bg5: Changes to Halo Xbox One Trailer at E3 2013

Install: File has 6.bik for 270mb, they are compressed and originals can be provided by request. Save originals if you want to replace these afterwards.
steamapps/common/Left 4 Dead 2/left4dead2/media/
Finally I suggest Halo 3 Never Forget Mod to enhance the menu, enjoy!

  01/07/2014Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 1462 By: Skycaptin5 L4D2
Ellis - The Aftermath
Ellis - The Aftermath

This is the standalone version of this modification.

Although not the best dressed to Sunday dinner, Ellis boasts mobility and comfort in this lounge-wear turned survival gear - complete with an original sculpted sweatshirt and hat-less hairstyle.

Pants sampled from X-Men Origins: Wolverine (c) Activision All Rights Reserved
Backpack sampled from Call of Duty: Black Ops II (c) Activision All Rights Reserved
Shoes sampled from Tomb Raider (c) Square Enix All Rights Reserved

  01/04/2014Version: 1.2 (complete) Views: 22175 By: Gentlemen Prefer Zombies / daletucker L4D2
Narc Cola - Zero-Calories Soda (Pain Pills)
Narc Cola - Zero-Calories Soda...

"During the Peace Walker Incident in 1974, Big Boss and his mercenary group, the Militaires Sans Frontières, procured recipes for the canned soft drink Narc Soda, as well as a recipe for tortilla chips, after neutralizing a LAV Type-G unit near Bananal Fruta de Oro, and rescuing Amanda Valenciano Libre. As a result, MSF's R&D Team developed a no sugar carbonated drink that was ahead of its time."

A lovely Cola Flavored Soda. Drebin's Favorite.
Replaces the Pain Pills. Includes Soda Can Custom Opening Sounds.

Splinks/MrLanky/Urik/K1CHWA - Original Soda Can Mods
Soul Reaper - Narc Soda Texture, Sounds

  09/19/2013Version: 1.1 (complete) Views: 3129 By: Soul Reaper L4D2
Snake's Sidearms (MGS1 HK Styled Pistols)
Snake's Sidearms (MGS1 HK Styl...

"Just like old times..."

For those who like to live out of memories and nostalgia. I made this during my spare time, never thought it would be good.
It's basically the HK Pistols with MGS1 Alike textures, all pixelated. The sounds are from MGS1 and MGS2.

This will conflict with my SOCOM Magnum Mod.

Seph - USP Model
arby26 - SOCOM derived from Seph's USP, Rigging, Animation, Compile
Miztaegg - Retexture
Soul Reaper - Black Grip SOCOM/Pixelated/MGS1 Styled Retextures, Sounds.

  09/19/2013Version: 1.1 (complete) Views: 6128 By: Soul Reaper L4D2
Slasher [Cricket bat]
Slasher [Cricket bat]

Slasher melee weapon. This version replace cricket bat(suggested by steam user). Here some weapon features:
- zombies that are behind the curently killed zombie will be knock off
- three difirent swing atacks(cricket bat have two)
- model created from scratch
- hand painted patterns on blade
- decorations glow when walk in to dark spots
- lava in the center is animated
- blood from zombies will stay on blade
- custom icon hud
- higher damage hit than cricket bat

  09/10/2013Version: 3.0 (complete) Views: 14005 By: greenhood L4D2
Stabber [Adrenaline]
Stabber [Adrenaline]

Replace adrenaline shot with knife.

Still work like adrenaline but effect is funny :P

  09/09/2013Version: 1 (complete) Views: 4368 By: greenhood L4D2
Custom Damage Indicator
Custom Damage Indicator

¥Arctic|Predator¥ Presents, a custom damage indicator, which appears nicely in game.

  07/28/2013Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 2288 By: Nickolas Woods L4D2
LEGO sword
LEGO sword

This is LEGO sword. Now there are some new fancy swords but this was one of the first in LEGO. I made model and textures myself so its not that good since Im not modeler.
Its new weapon and with HUD.
To spawn it write in console:
give legosword
Its perfect for LEGO maps.
Avaliable also via Steam Workshop.

I can change first person view model if you people will not like it.

  06/13/2013Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 4780 By: greenhood L4D2
Custom Garden Hoe SFX
Custom Garden Hoe SFX Audio

A sound mod for Xenecrite's garden hoe axe replacement.

Fireaxe/Crowbar melee sounds
Fireaxe/Crowbar world hit sounds

  12/01/2012Version: 1 (final) Views: 3312 By: Eranthis L4D2
Custom Knife SFX
Custom Knife SFX Audio

A sound mod for deathshadow's kitchen knife machete replacement.

Machete melee sounds
Machete/Katana world hit sounds

  12/01/2012Version: 1 (final) Views: 6262 By: Eranthis L4D2
Shredded Tank (L4D2)
Shredded Tank (L4D2)

I felt the Tank was a little too clean for the size that he is. I wanted the Tank to look as if he grew to big for his own skin and it started to rip all over his body showing the muscles underneath.
I felt in order to give the Tank that Shredded look, he needed to have visible rips not just with texture, but with depth. In order to achieve this I ended up sculpting the Tank in Zbrush at 15 million polygons to ensure clean detail with geometry driven normal maps.

  10/11/2012Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 19140 By: Handsome Dan L4D2
Hoodless Hunter V1.1
Hoodless Hunter V1.1

This is a full custom Hunter, no reskinning here! Everything was done by scratch in my spare time over the course of 2 weeks. All textures and normals were created at 8k. The Hunter actually has fewer polygons than Valves original, but only by 100 or so.

  10/11/2012Version: 1.1 (final) Views: 22222 By: Handsome Dan L4D2
Night Terror (L4D2) Custom Sounds Fix
Night Terror (L4D2) Custom Sou... Audio

This extremely small .vpk includes the sound.cache that is required for custom sounds to work on the campaign "Night Terror" by NIPPER & Dr.Boo.

Requires the original campaign to work, obviously.

  07/05/2012Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 6802 By: NIPPER & Dr.Boo L4D2
blue camo ak47
blue camo ak47

blue ak47 with custom classic mag blue wood and white mag

  04/07/2012Version: 0.1 (complete) Views: 6707 By: darkshadow L4D2