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I consider myself to be a bit of a reviewer more than a maker, one day i do hope mabye to make my own campaign, or write more detailed storylines behind some. Until then, i hope i can provide people with a bit of help choosing the right campaigns.
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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Zombies Shadowringer Shadowringer Posted 3 years ago

+ Very detailed, i was amazed and slightly puzzled at how you made the ride itself
+ Warning video created that extra disney effect
+ I personally liked the idea of queing lines
+ Very good addition of voices and sound inputs
+ The whole thing boasts effort, so much attention to details which must have been a nightmare to insert


- Could have done with a tank
- I woulden't suggest this to hardcores, or people that do not like this style of campaign (prefer original non- linear co-op)


What a great map! even freeride on this thing is superbly done! The voices and sounds, and warning video, and car all add to the disney experience you would recieve in the real world. My only problems are the lacks of tanks, which to be perfectly honest is understandble, this is one complex map! People that prefer less linear, or original styled campaigns may not find this worthwhile. But if your looking for something completely unique, or if you just love disneyland, pick this one up for sure!