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Multi-media design student with qualifications and experiance in Graphic design, illustration,Web design, Art history, Application development, Annimation and Adobe programms mainly Photoshop and flash. Here to learn more about gaming & blow the hell
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umbrella corp hunter
umbrella corp hunter

Hunter with umbrella logo on the hoody with some extra blood.

New09/13/11Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1315951441 Views: 16673 Size: 5.67MB By: Deviniae L4D2
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Gridlock deviniae deviniae Posted 1 year ago

- Nice intro - and supplies in back of custom truck
- Nice ambience and atmosphere
- Lots of detail
- Looting corpses
- Cop car boot with supplies
- earth quake
- Lava
- helicopter pilot
- Rocks
- Plenty of ammo and gun choice - although i don't recall seeing a AK47 (my favourite)
- The diner in the finale is gorgeous and i like all the little details with the tech set up , and the explosive barrels are always really fun!
- Good storyline


- You can as stated below get outside of the map at atleast 1 point that i saw (friend jumped over and had to restart) but it is quite obvious where you are actually meant to go. (he just couldnt help himself haha)

- Finale is a bit too long, could use with the time been reduced

- Looted one body (woman laying down) and the pipe bomb just fell through the floor, but the others all worked fine

- There might be a couple too many health kits and not so much pills/adrenalin (but that is a personal prefference n trying really hard to niggle haha)


Really enjoyed playing this map - It had believability - lots of eye candy - nice mini events. Very impressed at the frame rates considering the layout, had no lag what so ever. There are just a couple of things needing to be fixed and tweaked - Recommend to all that you have a go :) I'm going to get my friends to DL this so i can try it in versus!

Nice job!