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Night terror Fix
5/5 Maps Night terror FixNight terror Fix Video

I decided to upload a fix to the sounds since this is one of my favorite campaigns of all time and I figured the fans of this map would like to see this fix as well! Campaign credit goes to Dr.Boo and NIPPER. Also if they want me to take this map down ill be more than happy to do it :)

New06/24/11Version: 1.0 (final)Released: 1308898957 Views: 56961 Size: 166.51MB By: Nipper and Dr.Boo/KillerDSC L4D
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GoldenEye 4 Dead KillerDSC KillerDSC Posted 2 years ago

-Long Campaign
-Finale Definitely
- Custom Alarm Sound
- Button Randomizes


-Wheel barrel?
- Kind of Nav issues on second map
- Oncoming onslaught from zombies right in front of the generator


This campaign is really well polished. The panic events with the custom alarm was spot on. Made me feel like I was running away from soldiers(Zombies). The one thing that blew my mind was the dialogue and some events that took place. The reason the Dialogue Blew me away was because you never see the detail put into making it feel realistic in the environments you are put in. Some Negative aspects that kinda down set this game was that for some reason the wheel barrel was high lighted and I guess it attracted the horde? God know what it does and the bots had to go through a car alarm to get into the second safe house. Over than that It was a brilliant campaign spot on man spot on. *EDIT* Found out what the wheel barrel does and LOL absolutely spot on brings back memories when everything exploded.