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I try to provide accurate reviews that offer constructive criticism to those who make maps, and I in no way intend to unjustly write a review. If you would like my advice on potential improvements for your levels I will be happy to provide it.
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There is only one way Coldfire360 Coldfire360 Posted 1 year ago

+ Interesting natural disasters
+ Original soundtrack
+ Effects
+ Finale
+ Cool map interactions, like the fire extinguisher
+ Generator/Flamethrowers at the finale add a nice dynamic
+ Custom effects
+ L4D1 survivors help you
+ Custom credits
+ Easy to follow


- No ammo stash at the finale
- Takes too long initially to find health packs for all survivors
- Could use more secondary weapons before you reach the finale


This was a really fun beta for the campaign, and was very well made. It was cool to see all of the natural disasters because they were well made and affected how you played through the level. The custom effects such as the lighting and destruction made a really cool touch, and all the different ways you could interact with the level were very nice. The finale length was fun because it was almost like a round of survival. The custom soundtrack added a nice touch as well.

This was a very well made level, and clearly took a lot of work to make. I didn't find the cons to be too major, but there were a few things I thought could be improved a bit. It was very well done, I'm looking forward to seeing the final version!