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The Office
The Office

The Office.

"Where work becomes a riot."

"The Office" was intended for TRUE survival, one of each item, and weapon, so get them while they last! May release one or two updates in the future if any people state any new bug's, etc. But for now, it's complete! Enjoy!

Updated05/19/11Version: 1.2 (complete)Updated: 1305823947 Views: 12716 Size: 1.6MB By: TRAUMA L4D2
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Dead Echo 2 TRAUMA TRAUMA Posted 2 years ago

- Was good looking in some areas
- Nice long Campaign
- Interesting Areas
- A challenge


- Some Crescendos were a bit far fetched?
- Two Crescendos as soon as you start?
- Breaking wood alerts a horde?
- Opening a door alerts a horde? Don't know about you, but I'v opened thousands of doors, and this has never happened..
- Navs missing in places
- Some items were placed unwell
- Camera at the end was terrible
- Some models were missing for me?


I didn't really enjoy this campaign at all, found myself complaining half the time. Two manning this on advanced was not easy and provided a challenge which I enjoyed, but as stated in the Cons, some areas were not very desirable. It needs quite a lot of work to be a finished product, but overall, it was a bit of fun.