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Uncommon Survivor Pack
Uncommon Survivor Pack

The gang try blending in with the locals.

The Uncommon survivor pack for the L4D2 survivors features the cast in outfits based off the uncommon infected from Dead Center, The Passing, Hard Rain, and Swamp Fever.

New10/06/12Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1349553970 Views: 17637 Size: 38.53MB By: PappasKurtz L4D2
Formal Coach
Formal Coach

Sometimes things are just black and white.

This model places Coach in formal attire based off the wedding zombies from The Passing.

New10/06/12Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1349552019 Views: 11388 Size: 6.19MB By: PappasKurtz L4D2
L4D M1911A1 Pistols (closer)
L4D M1911A1 Pistols (closer)L4D M1911A1 Pistols (closer) Video

The original L4D pistols ported to L4D2 with arby's animations AND closer perspective. A version with stock animations is available by request (PM me on my profile).

New09/12/11Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1315860828 Views: 30106 Size: 1.4MB By: Valve/arby26 L4D2
M1911 A1 Pistol for L4D2
M1911 A1 Pistol for L4D2M1911 A1 Pistol for L4D2 Video

The original L4D pistol ported to L4D2 by popular request. It uses arby26's animations originally for his SW5906 pistols. Closer perspective version that uses original stock animations available by request (PM me on my profile).

Updated09/12/11Version: 1.1 (complete)Updated: 1315851973 Views: 22239 Size: 1.4MB By: Valve/arby26 L4D2
Remington 870 Wingmaster (L4D2)
Remington 870 Wingmaster (L4D2)

Originally for L4D1, ported to L4D2 by request. Replaces both the pump shotgun and chrome shotgun with the wooden and synthetic variants, respectively, of Twinke Masta's Wingmaster shotgun.

New09/07/11Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1315445777 Views: 23735 Size: 2.81MB By: Twinke Masta/modderfreak L4D2
SoulSlayer and Kimono M4A1 Replacement
SoulSlayer and Kimono M4A1 Replacement

Made originally for L4D1, this is a port to L4D2 that replaces the stock M16A2.

Updated09/12/11Version: 1.1 (complete)Updated: 1315857158 Views: 21427 Size: 3.21MB By: SoulSlayer/Kimono L4D2
Jimmy-Gibbs Nick
Jimmy-Gibbs Nick

Nick is a man of many suits.

This features Nick in a "borrowed" racer suit from Jimmy Gibbs, Jr.

Updated09/12/11Version: 2.0 (complete)Updated: 1315872350 Views: 11437 Size: 5.63MB By: PappasKurtz L4D2
Officer Francis
Officer Francis

Relax, he's a cop!

This model features Francis in a deputy uniform, which he may or may not have "borrowed" from somebody.

Updated08/21/11Version: 1.1 (complete)Updated: 1313983252 Views: 55209 Size: 5.91MB By: PappasKurtz L4D2
L4D1 Survivors with Melee fix
L4D1 Survivors with Melee fixL4D1 Survivors with Melee fix Video

A relatively simple pack which I'm hoping will be superceded by a future Valve update, this pack adds melee attachments to the L4D1 survivors, a pistol attachment for Zoey, and incap animations for the 3 male L4D1 survivors in solo play.

These should not overwrite any custom skins you might be using for the L4D1 survivors, but will only work online on unofficial servers.

Updated09/17/11Version: 1.1 (complete)Updated: 1316306725 Views: 30995 Size: 4.87MB By: PappasKurtz L4D2
Courtesan Zoey
Courtesan Zoey

Halloween was always her favorite holiday.

My first public model made from scratch, this add on features Zoey in a "courtesan" costume styled after the courtesan from Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.

Updated10/02/11Version: 3.0 (complete)Updated: 1317597836 Views: 35611 Size: 14.59MB By: PappasKurtz L4D2
Mad-Max Ellis
Mad-Max Ellis

Ellis has been known to raid more than just junkyards...

Inspired by Mad Max, this model swaps out Ellis' overalls for something a little more...exotic. Based off Chris "warrior" from Resident Evil 5 and Fallout 3 Raider armor.

Updated07/18/11Version: 2.1 (complete)Updated: 1311041524 Views: 20954 Size: 17.71MB By: PappasKurtz L4D2
SWAT Coach
SWAT CoachSWAT Coach Video

Coach finally gets his armor.

This model has Coach in a SWAT uniform based off one of the available outfits for Chuck in Dead Rising 2.

Updated07/18/11Version: 2.1 (complete)Updated: 1311040500 Views: 85561 Size: 4.83MB By: PappasKurtz L4D2
Inmate Nick
Inmate Nick

Nick's past has caught up to him...

This model has Nick dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit based on the Dead Rising 2 costume for Chuck.

Updated07/18/11Version: 2.1 (complete)Updated: 1311040035 Views: 25852 Size: 4.69MB By: PappasKurtz L4D2
Executive-Producer Rochelle
Executive-Producer Rochelle

Meet your new professional zombie killer.

Based off Sheva "business" from Resident Evil 5, this features Rochelle dressed in a business suit. (Special thanks to MkTbKz)

Updated07/18/11Version: 2.1 (complete)Updated: 1311039648 Views: 27650 Size: 3.46MB By: PappasKurtz L4D2
Alternate-Reality Survivor Pack
Alternate-Reality Survivor Pack


My first custom survivor pack for L4D2 which features Executive-Producer Rochelle, SWAT Coach, Inmate Nick and Mad-Max Ellis. This package includes all four as one add on; if you want individual models, check my profile page.

Updated07/18/11Version: 2.1 (complete)Updated: 1311039322 Views: 58223 Size: 30.63MB By: PappasKurtz L4D2
Mudwoman Rochelle
Mudwoman Rochelle

Rochelle tries a less urbane spa treatment...

This model features Rochelle in a more liberal outfit inspired by the "mud men" uncommon infected from Swamp Fever.

Updated08/21/11Version: 2.0 (complete)Updated: 1313985954 Views: 43369 Size: 12.05MB By: PappasKurtz L4D2
Hard-Hat Ellis
Hard-Hat Ellis

The road calls to Ellis in more ways than one...

This model features Ellis in an outfit based off the road-worker uncommon infected from Hard Rain.

Updated08/21/11Version: 2.0 (complete)Updated: 1313985081 Views: 17587 Size: 14.74MB By: PappasKurtz L4D2
Reviews by PappasKurtz (2)
Mini-14 Re-Animated PappasKurtz PappasKurtz Posted 2 years ago

Pretty solid animations all around.


I'd agree with Mateoski that the recoil animation is a bit too smooth or subtle in my opinion. Also, the left wrist and forearm curve a bit too much when replacing the clip--it makes me a bit uncomfortable...


Solid work all around.