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I'm going to learn how to make mods n' maps too! :3
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Custom ammo-boxes
Custom ammo-boxes

I didn't like the yellow color of the ammo-boxes so I decided to make my own.

New03/09/12Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1331348318 Views: 4246 Size: 0.64MB By: JBTheAnimator L4D2
End of Days' SCAR-L: BLACK
End of Days' SCAR-L: BLACK

SCAR-L Black. Includes Arby's re-animation. And the gun it's self is from Dr. Haus. Also textures done by Mr. Brightside. Replaces the SCAR weapon.

New03/02/12Version: 1 (final)Released: 1330731239 Views: 22009 Size: 17.31MB By: JBTheAnimator, Doktor Haus, arby26 L4D2
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Doktor's L4D2 sound mod JBTheAnimator JBTheAnimator Posted 2 years ago

Shotgun Sounds


Pipe Bomb Explosion
.VPK Doesn't work well


I like this gun sound mod over all the others that were made. Don't get me wrong the others were great too but I like this one the best! :D The only problems there are is the explosion of the PB and that the .VPK doesn't work well. :|
The PB explosion just sounds too dull. It needs more oomph. :P And you already know that the .VPK has a few glitches so I'll leave that out. Neither do I know a fix. I tried using SND_rebuildaudiochace but that did nothing.
Anyway I'll give this a 9/10 because I like it so much! :3