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Lucky Star Jukebox
Lucky Star Jukebox

Replaces Jukebox tracks with Lucky Star: Character Song Albums

This addon replaces the following tracks:

*RE YOUR BRAINS -> What is the moe factor? (Miyuki)
*One Bad Man -> Sister Wars (Tsukasa)
*Midnight Ride -> 100% Nai Nai Nai (Kagami)
*The Saints will never come -> Dondake Fanfare (Konata)
*Still Alive -> Cosplay it! Oh my Honey! (Konata @ Patty, This track is exclusive to the Jukebox found in 'The Parish' Campaign.)

NOTE: This mod does NOT replace the song 'Save me some Sugar' that appears on the Jukebox found in the third chapter of The Passing campaign, it's unaltered.
-All rights to respective owners of material.

New01/01/14Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1388620672 Views: 2798 Size: 206.23MB By: Shadowking58 L4D2
Lucky Star Tank Mod (Sound Replacement)
Lucky Star Tank Mod (Sound Replacement)Lucky Star Tank Mod (Sound Replacement) Video

This mod replaces the music for the Tank (Finale and regular) to two tracks from the "Lucky Star" OST.
Videos containing the two songs used will be added to the Videos section for this mod, as well as In-game.
IMPORTANT NOTE (PLEASE READ): Do NOT put the VPK file into the "addons" folder like you usually would, instead, go to: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\bin" and look for a file called "vpk.exe" Right click on it and click "Create Shortcut". It'll then create a shortcut on your Desktop. Then drag the VPK file of my mod which you downloaded, and just drag it into the VPK.exe Shortcut. Then read the readme. In-game video added.

New02/09/13Version: 1 (complete)Released: 1360455645 Views: 4144 Size: 47.56MB By: Shadowking58 L4D2
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Stargate SG-4 v2 shadowking58 shadowking58 Posted 1 year ago

Good idea
Teleporter is awesome
Professionally done


If you crouch inside the elevator while it's going up, and then press spacebar twice, you will glitch ontop of the elevator.
Too many tanks.


Great campaign, but major glitches and an overwhelming amount of tanks prevent it from reaching it's full potential.