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Just another tester, but a graphic designer/web developer by profession.
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Reviews by Aleksander (11)
One 4 Nine Aleksander Aleksander Posted 2 years ago

- You created a nice environment.
- A lot of safe room traps.
- Nice map transitions.
- 2x special infected.
- Scarce ammo which makes it challenging. (Almost a con)
- 5 maps.


- Oh my, I don't know if the director was trolling me but... EVERYTHING triggers a horde to the point that it gets VERY exhaustive instead of fun and challenging. There wasn't even time to appreciate the maps or explore.
- Repetitive environments, specially on map 3 & 4.
- One or two bots always dies at the stairs on final map.(Not your fault though).
- Almost impossible with 2 people and 2 bots on expert.
- Finale color filter was annoying (At least for me).


Oh man when me and my pal finished this campaign on expert we both closed L4D2 and never played for the rest of the day. Very exhaustive.

But I have to hand it to you this is a very well done campaign in terms of aesthetics.