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The Binding of Isaac Theme Music for Tank
The Binding of Isaac Theme Music for TankThe Binding of Isaac Theme Music for Tank Video

For those loves The Bind of Isaac game should get this music for tank.

The Binding Of Isaac OST-Divine Combat - Through beginning game
The Binding Of Isaac OST-The Clubbing Of Isaac(REMIX) End game

New07/28/12Version: 1 (complete)Released: 1343520128 Views: 3879 Size: 86.55MB By: Yoko1995, Danny Baranowsky L4D2
Yoko Ritona FIX
Yoko Ritona FIX

Just got alittle help from 1337gamer15!

-Fixed the weird looking eye problem.

-Added some jigglebones.

-No Facial

New06/10/12Version: 1 (complete)Released: 1339374741 Views: 22810 Size: 5.72MB By: Mr Lanky, Yoko1995, 1337gamer15 L4D2
Green Screen
Green ScreenGreen Screen Video

This map is the purpose for filming! Type in "map green" in console to load the map!If it doesn't work, i'll see what I can do.

Updated05/28/12Version: 1.2 (beta)Updated: 1338188421 Views: 11334 Size: 0.19MB By: Yoko1995 L4D2
Coldstream Enabler
Coldstream Enabler

This mod activate the coldstream poster for the "Custom Loading Screens"

New05/24/12Version: 1 (final)Released: 1337920059 Views: 5525 Size: 0.01MB By: Urik, Yoko1995 L4D2
All Weapons Reanimated Pack
All Weapons Reanimated PackAll Weapons Reanimated Pack Video

Do you feel like Valve's Weapons take up the whole screen? Don't worry, you can download arby26's reanimated weapons here, it's a pack made by me. This pack includes all weapon reanimated, except the pistols.

Do not add any skins or else the animation will turn back into valve animation.

The animation shown in the video do not include sounds or skins!

Below you can select pistols mod of your choice!

| | | | | |
v v v v v v

Updated03/15/12Version: 2.2 (complete)Updated: 1331860346 Views: 68162 Size: 3.58MB By: arby26 L4D2
Custom Loading Screens
Custom Loading Screens

-Creator of the 5 main loading screens:
Dead Center
Dark Carnival
Swamp Fever
Hard Rain
The Parish

-Creator of the rest of the loading screens:
The Passing
No Mercy
Crash Course
Dead Air
Death Toll
Blood Harvest
The Sacrifice
Cold Stream (Enable is add-on linked)

-Creator of the blue loading bar:
bolnoj from l4dmaps.

-Creator that who made the pack:

I have combined those 3 artists into 1. Enjoy this cool mod!

How to install:
Steamapps>common>left 4 dead 2> left4dead2> addons.

New01/04/12Version: 1 (complete)Released: 1325671860 Views: 27310 Size: 17.73MB By: Gavade, Valve, Yoko1995, Urik, bolnoj L4D2
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Deathcraft II Yoko1995 Yoko1995 Posted 1 year ago

+Everything, Skins, zombies, special infected.


-Sad that I don't play Minecraft.

- I saw some sort of creepy guy standing. He have no eyes!


I just love this one.