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I'm trying to get started porting mods from other games. The process is slow but I'd absolutely appreciate any contribution to furthering my knowledge!
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Honor Roll Student - Louis Replacement
Honor Roll Student - Louis Replacement

Finally, the last school girl is released. She is in beta, still needs her bump mapping (if anyone wants to offer to do it, I'd gladly accept, I -hate- bump mapping v_v). Eye movement and jiggle bones on skirt, all thanks to good ol' ZeqMacaw.

Updated05/19/13Version: 1.1 (beta)Updated: 1368961624 Views: 6150 Size: 1.27MB By: Horrorfangirl L4D2
The Risque Student
The Risque StudentThe Risque Student Video

UPDATE: fixed invisible issue, pleas redownload unless you fixed it all on your own. It's been a while since I've post, sry. This is, for lack of a better term, my Cholita. If you know what that means then you will instantly recognize it in this student.

This is beta, I will probably be tweaking it, plus it doesn't have it's vgui yet, I'm working on it now..

She has facial animations and such thanks to the genius Pajama (original model creator), and arms as well.. Only one school girl left! (and hopefully i can get it and the Francis one to work :<)

Updated12/20/12Version: 1.1 (beta)Updated: 1356015671 Views: 19496 Size: 3.41MB By: Horrorfangirl L4D2
Leon ported over to Nick
Leon ported over to Nick

Someone requested this via my Deviant Art profile, which surprised the hell out of me, but also took forever for me to get to/realize.

This is for "comfycouch"? It's a port over of Leon from Ellis to Nick as made by Splinks, no other changes made. All credit except the porting itself goes to him.

THE ONLY REASON I am posting this here is because I have no frickin' clue how to get it to random-dude from deviant art. I will gladly remove this if the great and powerful Splinks wills it.

New10/19/12Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1350682626 Views: 14636 Size: 3.46MB By: Horrorfangirl L4D2
T-Virus Antivirus Pipebomb
T-Virus Antivirus PipebombT-Virus Antivirus Pipebomb Video

Update: New textures and put the "beep" back in as a "Clink" of glass to help locate bomb. This replaces the pipebomb with the T-virus Antivirus vial from Resident Evil. With the hard work of Doktor Haus and ZeqMacaw this idea took form, a glass vial that breaks from the zombies releasing the green antivirus and de-animating them (well... exploding them cause we can't change the explosion animation yet, lol. Anyone who can help us on that, let one of us know!!)
Comes with pulsing/glowing green virus (I'm especially proud of the pulse), glass noises from bouncing and a glass breaking/virus sploosh at explosion (Dok's genius at work) and all in the size/shape of da pipe (no fuse)

Updated10/23/12Version: 1.2 (beta)Updated: 1351049437 Views: 16542 Size: 4.06MB By: Doktor Haus/Horrorfangirl/ZeqMacaw L4D2
Cyber Raver Schoolgirl
Cyber Raver Schoolgirl

UPDATE: Completely replaced the boots and bump mapping. Check this update out!

Thanks to ZeqMacaw's hard work, her animations now work for online!
This is my latest schoolgirl survivor, the Cyber Raver. Sorry this took so long to get out - I've been sick.

This model made by pajama911 features FP Arms, and facial animation. I have given her dreadlocks, mismatching eyes (one is normal, one is a costume contact), and very tron-like cyber-detailing that glows on her vest. (Viva la Francis Vest!)

No hud or custom name yet, coming soon!

Updated01/17/13Version: 3.0 (beta)Updated: 1358486448 Views: 14766 Size: 3.21MB By: Horrorfangirl/ZeqMacaw L4D2
the Cheerleader - Rochelle Edition
the Cheerleader - Rochelle Edition

This is my Cheerleader schoolgirl survivor pulled over for Rochelle as requested by Professional. See original for more screenshots/information/credits.

New09/28/12Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1348813878 Views: 18237 Size: 15.37MB By: Horrorfangirl L4D2
The Skater Girl - Nick Edition
The Skater Girl - Nick Edition

My "Skater Girl" schoolgirl survivor ported over to Nick as requested by Wolfian. See original posting for more details on this model.

New09/27/12Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1348802996 Views: 5019 Size: 11.23MB By: Horrorfangirl L4D2
The Exchange Student
The Exchange Student

Since i got quite a few "oh~ your cheerleader looks a lot like the original cheerleader! you are t3h lazeh" and crap like that, I used the same model to make a completely different survivor. This is the Exchange Student, first of the next 4 set of survivors - and she's for Zoey.

Sorry the uniform isn't perfect, it's hard adding clothes to a model! Come with FPS hands (with french tip manicure and cute little sakura's on the thumbs!), no HUD yet. I will post screenshots soon as I can get a bloody volunteer model >_>

You're gonna wanna watchlist this one, because she doesn't have her HUD, or bump mapping yet (the thing that tells the lighting engine how to light the model)

Updated10/16/12Version: 1.2 (beta)Updated: 1350407515 Views: 19355 Size: 5.59MB By: Horrorfangirl L4D2
The Cheerleader - Louis Edition
The Cheerleader - Louis Edition

This is a port over of my Cheerleader mod as requested by Poptarts for Louis.
Includes HUD, FPS Arms, and works both online and off. Please see original for more information/screenshots.

New09/19/12Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1348066727 Views: 16576 Size: 16.24MB By: Horrorfangirl L4D2
The Cheerleader - Animated!
The Cheerleader - Animated!

I mostly kept to the original design by MrLanky/Splinks because I liked it so much. This is "Juliette" (name spelt differently because of the small changes :P) and she's for Ellis. A change I'm quite proud of, however, is the addition of glitter eyelashes. If I knew how to do videos, I'd show it. Both her eyelashes, and her bellybutton piercing have shine-animation.

FPS Arms come with the model, name change, and hud. She has a lovely french-tip manicure to sport for as long as it will last during this apocalypse. New color scheme, new hair, eyes, skintone, makeup, etc etc etc.

Last Schoolgirl Survivor! I will release them as a pack soon

Updated09/19/12Version: 1.1 (beta)Updated: 1348035080 Views: 21600 Size: 16.24MB By: Horrorfangirl L4D2
The Skater Girl - Rochelle Edition
The Skater Girl - Rochelle Edition

"The Skater Girl" ported over to Rochelle. See original for more info/screenshots.

New09/16/12Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1347837421 Views: 5933 Size: 11.23MB By: Horrorfangirl L4D2
The Skater Girl - Zoey Edition
The Skater Girl - Zoey Edition

My "Skater Girl" ported for zoey. See original for more info and screenshots.

New09/16/12Version: 1.0 (alpha)Released: 1347836425 Views: 2332 Size: 11.23MB By: Horrorfangirl L4D2
The Skater Girl
The Skater Girl

This is the latest school girl survivor, inspired by my friend Meryl/KathySubichi\Panda Hero\Toxxic. This is "The Skater Girl". Comes with FPS Arms, Custom HUD, New Survivor Name. Works online and offline.

Every part has been changed except the belt on the waist, and the "shorts" under the skirt. This is for Coach, but if you purist want, I will release a Rochelle version, or any other l4d2 survivor if someone requests.

This wonderful model made by Arby26 has jiggle bones on the hair, scarf, bag, and has full eye/mouth animation.

New09/16/12Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1347830761 Views: 11595 Size: 11.23MB By: Horrorfangirl L4D2
Army Brat Schoolgirl - Winner Announced!
Army Brat Schoolgirl - Winner Announced!

This is the army brat. Update: Winner Announced for the naming contest! Read below.

She replaces Nick. She does have custom lighting, and I got the hair alpha to work that wasn't on the original creators model. She works offline and online.

I did not make the model, that was da1barker. All I did was alter it greatly/add normal mapping/custom hud/custom name/fp arms.

Congratulations to Auslander66! Winner of the Army Brat Schoolgirl naming contest! Her Story is in the change log, and in a post below :D!

Updated10/02/12Version: 2.1 (complete)Updated: 1349236199 Views: 11246 Size: 15.15MB By: Horrorfangirl L4D2
Gothic School Girl Ported for Nick
Gothic School Girl Ported for Nick

My Gothic School Girl ported over for Nick. See original for more screenshots/info.

New09/10/12Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1347317949 Views: 7367 Size: 11.65MB By: Horrorfangirl L4D2
Gothic School Girl for Coach
Gothic School Girl for Coach

My Gothic School Girl ported over to Coach. Note: Character has to be adjusted to the height of the port over, so she is much taller than the Rochelle version, but it does work online and off.

New09/10/12Version: 1.0 (alpha)Released: 1347326664 Views: 2930 Size: 11.65MB By: Horrorfangirl L4D2
Gothic School Girl for Ellis
Gothic School Girl for Ellis

My gothic school girl ported over to Ellis. See the original for more screenshots.

New09/10/12Version: 1.0 (alpha)Released: 1347319130 Views: 2633 Size: 11.65MB By: Horrorfangirl L4D2

This is a reskin of the classic witch as requested by Haz.

There are no mods to the sounds at all. This has a new normal/bump map, as well, so she does light slightly differently (and looks younger).

New09/10/12Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1347308496 Views: 6750 Size: 7.96MB By: Horrorfangirl L4D2
Gothic School Girl
Gothic School Girl

UPDATE: FP arms added.. finally >_>

This is a reskinning of Harley Quinn by Mr. Lanky. I made her into a completely different character, this is not a simple recoloring.

The model for some reason looks *to me* a bit cross eyed, but the iris and the white of the eye are seperate in the model, so I can't fix that :(

Let me know if you guys want her on different characters. See change log for complete list of detail changes.

Updated05/25/13Version: 2.3 (complete)Updated: 1369494322 Views: 17732 Size: 11.82MB By: horrorfangirl L4D2
Shaun of the Head
Shaun of the Head

This is a new skin for Kichwa's Shaun of the Dead. I did nothing to the clothes, so no credit goes to me on that at all, i just packaged it together for convenience of people searching for it.

I love Shaun of the Dead, and I love that someone did a Louis skinning for him, but he never looked "Shauny" enough for me. So this is my take on it. Sorry if it's not the best, I'm new to this :) Oh! And I left the eyes as Kichi originally used, so no credit there either.

Unlike most vpk's, make sure you dbl click this one in your addons folder. Should also work for Left 4 Dead 1! *should lol

This is probably not the finished product.. Still not Shauny enough.

New09/05/12Version: 1.0 (beta)Released: 1346841232 Views: 6089 Size: 7.83MB By: Horrorfangirl L4D2
Red and Black Punk Zoey
Red and Black Punk Zoey

original teenangst zoey model and textures - arby26
head re-texture/re-normal used as a base - miztaegg

For the most part she is in the same clothing as the normal punk zoey. I have added some details, and recolored quite a few things. This is one of my favorite skins, and I decided to make a personal version of it. After someone commented on a screenshot of her, I decided to share it.

I will absolutely take this down if any of the original contributors have any issues with this.

*Should work with Left 4 Dead 1

UPDATE: I highly suggest you download this last update; it fixes the eyes being glazed over and lets you see those spirals!

Updated09/11/12Version: 1.3 (complete)Updated: 1347377324 Views: 7123 Size: 11.86MB By: Horrorfangirl L4D2
No Music Mod (Except Special Infected)
No Music Mod (Except Special Infected)

This is a very simple mod which I'm surprised no one has done yet. This removes all the music from the game except the beginning menus, custom campaign music, tank/witch music, the jukebox songs (which is at your control to turn on anyways), and the announcement music for special infected (the boobahbooboooooo of the boomer for example).

This allows you to listen to your own music during gaming, but without missing out on important announcement musics like witches and tanks like you would if turned off music all together.

-I know it seems tiny but it does work, i just replaced all the sound files one by one with .txt files i renamed to matching .wav, so it's only 16kbs

New08/11/12Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1344698459 Views: 2054 Size: 0MB By: horrorfangirl L4D2
Silent Hill Siren for Tank (Game Vers)
Silent Hill Siren for Tank (Game Vers)

This mod replaces the tank music with the siren noise from Silent Hill 2. If you'd prefer the movie version, please see my other mod.

Updated08/10/12Version: 1.1 (complete)Updated: 1344646016 Views: 5401 Size: 11.62MB By: horrorfangirl L4D2
Silent Hill Siren for Tank (Movie Vers)
Silent Hill Siren for Tank (Movie Vers)

This replaces the tank music with the movie version of the siren from Silent Hill. If you want the game version, see my other mod.

New08/09/12Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1344552651 Views: 4608 Size: 17.09MB By: horrorfangirl L4D2
left 4 dead 2 pipe bomb mod t virus anti virus from resident evil - Video for T-Virus Antivirus Pipebomb (mod)NextPrev
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Reviews by horrorfangirl (4)
Gridlock horrorfangirl horrorfangirl Posted 1 year ago

Long for just one map
Lava at finale was a very nice touch (something I actually recommended for another disaster map I reviewed before this one had become available, A++)
The ramps and open feel to the map was nice
I enjoyed climbing pretty constantly to navigate, made it feel more realistic.. Things always seem too neat in linear maps ("Oh, clearly we go that way because there's no cars there" kinda thing, this didnt feel that way)
Looting bodies <3!
Loved the "Don't mess up on this looting, or you'll pay the consequences" cop car
Great Intro/Music/Dialogue
Liked the Helicopter warning sequence
Very diverse finale staging area, much love.


If you look back the way the Dawn of the Dead van comes from, there's a floating parking bump (no pts deducted)
It's really hard to get up the highway at the beginning >_< every single try was a struggle for me and my friends, even when I soloed. -.5
Not much guidance at the beginning (no pts off, didn't really bother me much, but you could give the cop car warning when you first pass the car or something so we know to go that way)
Title from the intro stays in the sky after the intro (no pts off)
Twice the bots wouldn't climb overpass ladders (-.2)
Tank got stuck on the other side of a fence at the Cop Car spawn on two seperate occassions (-.2)
At the part where the road above you is collapsing, right before that, a bot got stuck in the dumpster (see screenshot here: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/559825079591965323/C7E854242C1409389FD67C588F9D3AF74E32D343/ ) (-.1)
Louis bot died in the first appearance of the lava crack on two seperate occassions (-.1)
Finale felt longer than needed (no pts deducted for personal taste)
Load screen could use a bit of help (with the survivors/poses mostly, they are boring) (no pts deducted for personal taste)
The helicopter just kinda hung around after warning us until it was eventually out of sight, it was.. weird, in my opinion. Maybe make them fly off and say they're going to help more people or something (no pts off for personal taste)


I really enjoyed this campaign, especially the pressure cooker final ending. It needs some tweaks to the Nav, and maybe a touch of shortening at the finale, but otherwise I recommend this as a solid campaign!