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Custom Game Music
Custom Game Music

Custom Tank theme, Concert music, and End Credit Music
Tank Theme: Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy

Concert Music: The Hell Song by Sum 41 and Face down by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

End Credit Music: Beatdown in the Key of Happy by Four Years Strong
This was uploaded here a LONG time ago but was taken down. Reuploading because of a request.

New04/06/14Version: 1 (final)Released: 1396761159 Views: 706 Size: 107.22MB By: 95trane L4D2
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Steampunk Mr Foster 95trane 95trane Posted 2 years ago

it's freakin' foster!
cool skin
works great!


maybe needs a little work on the hands
cant see his epicness as i usually play as nick :P


great skin, works great. needs some minor adjustments but nothing too big.