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Midnight Rail Run
4/4 Maps Midnight Rail RunMidnight Rail Run Video

Start in a small dark forest after your helicopter has crashed, fight your way to safety, then locate the school passed the grave yard, through the alleys and reach the Subway where your rescue will come. (eventually) Thanks to [ACC] Meow for sorting the thumbnail.
(Does have an ending)

Updated12/05/11Version: 2.1 (complete)Updated: 1323125624 Views: 225243 Size: 60.85MB By: [ACC] Trish (UK) L4D2
Reviews by Trish UK (2)
Death Aboard 2 Trish UK Trish UK Posted 4 years ago

- Great layout
- Great effects
- Great start to end


- Missing sound - Rescue arriving


AWSOME ... What a great campaign, I really enjoyed playing this and will I play it loads . I think much better than the L4D version as you can see all the details much clearer ... you got the lighting spot on.
Well done :)