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I hope you enjoy my work on Left 4 dead 2, why not check out my current work on the source total conversion No more room in hell! http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/
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GridlockGridlock Video

Following the events of Crash Course the survivors find themselves trapped on a free-way intersection surrounded by the infected horde. If it seemed like the world was coming to an end before it certainly does now! Volcanic activity has suddenly started occuring on a massive scale resulting in deadly lava flows and destructive earthquakes.

Breaking down on an unstable freeway during an earthquake just adds to the string of bad luck the downtrodden survivors have dealt with! Now they must fight their way off the freeway. But once they reach the ground they'll have to watch out for lava flow.......

Runner up for the Natural Disasters contest.

Updated09/07/12Version: 6 (complete)Updated: 1347050634 Views: 55723 Size: 86.56MB By: Lou Saffire, Andrew "Sonuva" Bennison L4D2
Day of the Dead Biker Jacket
Day of the Dead Biker Jacket

Always knew Francis was a day of the dead fan!

New10/06/11Version: 1.0 (beta)Released: 1317938479 Views: 6803 Size: 3.89MB By: Lou Saffire L4D2
Witch Hooker
Witch Hooker

Where does all the witches rage come from....did life mistreat her that badly..

New08/24/11Version: 1.0 (beta)Released: 1314227437 Views: 27360 Size: 6.25MB By: Lou Saffire L4D2
Blight Path
3/3 Maps Blight PathBlight Path Video

After leaving America in Dead Air, Bill and the gang find themselves locked in on a "Blight Path" over Beijing

originally for the china contest,first play turn game instructor on, please check change-log before playing.3.0 released

Updated09/10/11Version: 3.0 (complete)Updated: 1315708936 Views: 337298 Size: 176.13MB By: Lou Saffire L4D2
No Parking
No ParkingNo Parking Video

Bill and the crew made it to the passing , but they never mentioned they met Whitaker along the way...

A Left for dead 2 community subplot.

Version 2.0 (10/25/2013)

Hints recommended for first playthrough.
- coop,Versus, Scavenge and Survival game modes.

Updated10/25/13Version: 6.1 (final)Updated: 1382735676 Views: 256795 Size: 21.69MB By: Lou Saffire L4D2
Return of the Living Dead SBS
Return of the Living Dead SBSReturn of the Living Dead SBS Video

L4D2 incarnation of the John Russo and Dan O'Bannon film, Return of the Living Dead using the new "Safehouse" finale based on Survival Barricade System.
Like any other gametype plz do not expect bots to be anything more than support. Join the SBS steam group! and please leave suggestions to improve the system (link in change-log)

New06/18/11Version: 9.0 (beta)Released: 1308454307 (60% Complete) Views: 191203 Size: 113.16MB By: Lou Saffire L4D2
Night of the Living Dead SBS
Night of the Living Dead SBSNight of the Living Dead SBS Video

A L4D2 incarnation of George A romero and John A Russo film. This map was created primarily to test the current version of the Survival Barricade System.Thank you all for the feedback, happy hammering!
the notld sbs campaign is currently in development!
Join the SBS steam group! and please leave suggestions to improve the system (link in change-log)

Updated02/04/11Version: 2.0 (beta)Updated: 1296853935 (90% Complete) Views: 214212 Size: 3.52MB By: lousaffire L4D2
Day of the Dead Teaser
Day of the Dead Teaser

A recreation of the 1985 George A Romero classic, Day of the dead.
This is a "teaser" of the full campaign for Day of the Dead, please check my profile for the actual campain listing.
please note this map does not reflect the final version. w w w dot dayofthedeadl4d2.blogspot dot c o m

New11/27/10Version: 1.4 (final)Released: 1290873047 Views: 45437 Size: 8.32MB By: Lousaffire L4D2

The cursed cinema from Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava's 1980's film "Demons" in which a chromed mask starts a contagion of the Demons throughout the Metropol cinema bringing about death and destruction!
check out the review below

Updated08/21/10Version: 1.4 (complete)Updated: 1282422762 Views: 39783 Size: 5.78MB By: Lousaffire L4D2
Day of the Dead: Retribution
0/5 Maps Day of the Dead: Retribution

The darkest day of horror the world has ever known returns. Survivors from a long dead city pursue the films characters to the safety of their bunker, but Miguel has already betrayed the base to the horde, can the survivors find a way out? or will they rot down there with the corpse of Captain Rhodes...

06/14/10Version: 0 (unreleased)Updated: 1276543557 (80% Complete) Views: 18831 Size: 0MB By: lousaffire L4D2
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No Parking walthrough
Notld sbs
Blight path l4d2
No Parking
Return of the living dead sbs
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Wan Li lousaffire lousaffire Posted 2 years ago

new conceptual first level
plausable and detaild level design
maintains a high level of quality throughout
new finale type


some new things are experimental and there fore need some tweaks somewhere down the line
great wall is slightly repetivtive, but can hardly blameyou for how they designed a very long wall lol


overall a great campaign and an excellent addition to the left 4 dead universe, with new ideas and conepts helping the game to be something special that should be on your odownload list as soon as you finish reading this, go!